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Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 Issue

Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 Issue

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Spring 2012 issue of prototype magazine targeted toward young, educated black adults age 18-25.
Spring 2012 issue of prototype magazine targeted toward young, educated black adults age 18-25.

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Published by: itsfreshmag on Apr 19, 2012
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USA $4.99 CANADA $5.99


Not Your Parents’ Kinda Girl Group

The Yes Ma ’ams:

Some women use whatever works...

Natural women use


Arie Natural Hair & Skin Care

Arie Skin Care, Inc.

Houston, TX




iN ThIS iSsUe...

SO fresh
Sexy & sassy new girl group The Yes Ma’ams are a good look. FRESH gives you ten reasons why this group should be your favorite threesome.


fresh TIPS 18 Spring Skin Care Tips
Networking On the Cheap

15 The Beginner’s Guide to

FRESH offers you tips to keep your skin so fresh and so clean this season.

FRESH gives you the insight you need to work it and be seen... professionally, of course.

The Yes Ma’ams
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fresh Trends 7 Pop the Clutch 8 Hues the Boss
FRESH highlights a few of this season’s hottest carryalls that go from class to the club. Editor and trend fiend Brandon Vaughn urges you to say it with color this spring.
Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 3

For exclusive behind-the-scenes video of The Yes Ma’ams, more trend highlights, and daily fashion posts, visit our blog at itsfreshmag.blogspot.com.




EDITOR B r a n d o n R . va u gh n


C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R KO R E Y B a r n e s

FA SH I O N D I R E C T O R J A E D O N A n d e r so n

FE AT U R E S E D I T O R B i a n c a Fl o w e r s


ART DIRECTOR J a n ay h a r r i s

FR E SH M AGA Z I N E i s p u b l i sh e d q u a r t e r ly by Fresh P u b l i c at i o n s L L C, 2 3 7 K A r r i n gt o n Sq u a r e , So l is, CA 23431

R e gi st e r e d n o 1 2 8 6 7 5 3 9 9 8 4 P r i n t e d a n d b o u n d by GA R N E S P r i n t i n g C o m pa ny Vo l u m e 0 1 # 2 p u b l i sh e d o n J a n u a ry 1 0 2 0 1 2.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


A l l r i gh t s r e se rv e d © 2 0 1 2

Editor’s Letter

Fresh rEadeRS:
When I developed the concept for Fresh, I took a lot of things into account. For years, I had read the popular black teen-focused magazines like Right On!, Black Beat, and Word Up!, only to grow more and more dissatisfied as I got older and as my reading tastes evolved. I then began to read more sophisticated men’s magazines like Esquire and GQ, but I found that many of the satirical comments and popular discussions were way over my head. One day, it hit me: Why not combine the sophistication, worldliness, and attitude of GQ with the urban subject matter and conversational tone of Right On!? I knew that there would be an audience for a magazine like Fresh because it fills a void that has been open for quite a while. There has never been a magazine that is as personable, easy to read, and targeted to the young, black urban sophisticate audience as Fresh. I was inspired to create Fresh not only because of my own dissatisfaction with the young urban magazine market but also because I had heard a lot of people around me echoing my discontent with “teenybopper mags” full of misspellings, bad photos, lame contests and posters. As readers just entering our twenties, we want and deserve a magazine that speaks to our age range and gives us urban news without trying to gain our readership through childish posters and pinups. Fresh is a magazine that aims to please its young, black audience. It takes the subjects of fashion, music, celebrities, and entertainment and makes them fun and easy to read. Fresh combines the swagger of the urban streets with the style and class of high society. It represents a new breed of young black adults who know where they have come from and celebrate where they are going. Fresh is just that - a breath of fresh air that’s hitting your local newsstand. Swaggerfully Yours,

Brandon R Vaughn
Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 5

DS esh TREN fr



By Brandon R. Vaughn

ieces denim p e heavy onths and ch th Yo! Dit oler m ose co e. Made rom th hambray craz f k c nim loo join the on with a de ely here nit ott from c ambray is defi a look ake l, ch and fee this spring. T nd treat a y to sta H picks -up. r FRES a fashion re at ou set to your clo

Expect to se e chambray poppin’ up in the CRAZIEST of colorways and forms. Footwear, purs es, and even hats are inclu ded in this season’s fash ion forecast.

From Kanye to Kyla Pratt, be prepared to ca tch your favo rite celebrity rock in’ this versat ile fabric well into sum mer.

Tip: For a pop of color, try a colored pair of chambray shorts.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


For pricing and details, check out the Fresh Shopping List

Pop The

By Brandon R. Vaughn

2. 3. 5.

S TREND sh fre


This season, the move for day or night is definitely the clutch purse. Available in every style and price range, the clutch is a go-to accessory for the young woman who has everything to carry and nothing to lose. These palm-sized pretties are perfect for spring. Talk about hand-y!!


1. Lulu Guinness 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Aldo 4. Overstock 5. ASOS 6. Betsey Johnson

For pricing and details, check out the Fresh Shopping List

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


Words and art by Brandon R. Vaughn





This spring, say it with


ith spring officially sprung, it’s time to ditch the dull colors of winter and go bold. In fact, think bold and go even bolder. After a season of minimalism and neutrals, designers and fashion enthusiasts alike are focusing on vivid brights to carry them into summer. Designers such as Versace, Gucci, LRG, and Polo Ralph Lauren are all featuring colorblocked designs in their recent runway shows, solidifying bursts of color as a definite 2012 trend. This season, expect to see electric yellows, fuschias, Creamsicle oranges, limes, and ice blues on everything from sneakers to watches.

Of the brands infusing sherbet shades of color into their spring lines, Polo Ralph Lauren is commanding consumer attention. Aside from its signature line of polo style shirts in nearly every color of the rainbow, the brand is currently featuring magenta shorts and neon yellow swimwear for men amid its traditional plaid and striped staples. So you wanna keep up with the designer trends but don’t have the designer cash? No problem. Budget-friendly retailers like American Eagle Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21, Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters carry essential pieces and accessories in this spring’s hottest hues at reasonable prices, keeping you fashion forward and up on your trend game without going broke.

Once you’ve done your shopping, it’s on to the most important step: IMPLEMENTATION. Instead of wearing bright colors from head to toe, have fun with the trend and make it work for you subtly...with pops of color through accessories.

Top 10 Ways to Rock Spring Brights 1. Shoes 2. Hats 3. Scarves 4. Socks 5. Watches 6. Belts 7. Shorts 8. Sunglasses 9. Tees 10. Bracelets

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


fresh TRENDS



Words & photos by Brandon R. Vaughn

As the weather changes and owers bloom, fun and irty looks are de nitely the move.
Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 24 9

Round out your spring wardrobe with bold brights & dazzling whites

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


For more on fun and flirty spring fashion, shopping tips, and FRESH picks check out Fresh Online at itsfreshmag.blogspot.com.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


SO fresh

Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 12

FRESH presents a short Q&A session with our new favorite girls, THE YES MA'AMS. Get Familiar.

1) Fresh: So, what are each of your names? 2) Fresh: You ladies gained a lot of blog buzz in 2011. How do you guys plan to dominate in 2012? TYM: We have an EP, Taste Test, coming out this April and we have a small tour in the works. 3) Fresh: When was the group established? TYM: Secret, Privacy, and Slander.

5) Fresh: You gals have quite a fly look. Who’s to thank? TYM: Our stylist, Casey “Icon” Billingsley, is the best! He’s worked with Cassie, so we can trust his ideas. 6) Fresh: Who would you want to work with in the future? Any dream colaborations? TYM: Definitely Prince. We grew up listening to his music and his syle is one of a kind, musically and fashionably. 7) Fresh: What genre best defines your sound? TYM: Our sound combines New Wave, 80s Pop, and Funk elements to create a unique 80s sound.

TYM: The Yes Ma’ams were established in 2011. 4) Fresh: Who are some of your influences? TYM: Classic girl groups like Vanity 6 and The Mary Jane Girls.

Check out more of The Yes Ma’ams’s interview at itsfreshmag.blogspot.com and be sure to follow them on Twitter @TheYesMaams.
Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 13

Picture perfec t

shades for eve

ry skin tone...

Be remembered. Be Kissable.
www.kissable.com Macy’s Lord & Taylor Belk London

hen you hear the word “networking,” what comes to mind? Professional guys in suits, swapping introductions and business cards, right? For most college students, this describes the mental image in their heads. Networking is a key component of professionalism and can prove to be quite beneficial on the collegiate level without costing a lot of money. Here are a few tips to help you get on the right track. Develop a game plan- Before you get started, “…have a game plan,” says William Hudson, Director of Retention in the Office of Academic Affairs at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. This can be a simple as just making a list of your long-term and short-term goals and mapping out easy, costeffective ways to reach them like hosting small get-togethers with classmates, forming study groups, or getting active on campus. Think of networking as your road map to success. 1. Get the Card - No business? No problem. Student business cards have become quite trendy in recent years and for good reason. Your card should serve as a representation of you that reflects your personality and reinforces that ohso-important first impression you


fresh TIPS The Beginner’s Guide to Networking... ON THE CHEAP By Brandon R. Vaughn
create. Online companies such as Vistaprint.com offer hundreds of templates and design choices, with 500 cards costing about $10, including shipping and handling. How can you say no to that? 2. Fix Up, Look Sharp - In most cases, clothes do make the man (or woman). Invest in basic professional pieces that will be easy on the eyes and pockets. Retailers such as JC Penney, Sears, The Gap, and Target offer reasonable deals that will help you build a budget-friendly, professional wardrobe that couples style with purpose. Be sure to reconsider showing off any tattoos or piercings that may not be openly accepted. If something seems inappropriate, it probably is. Shine and look polished. 3. Get creative - If you’re a busy college student and your course of study hinders you from participating in extracurricular activities, you can practice your networking skills simply by forming professional relationships with students in your program. “After winter break, I decided to throw a sleepover with a few friends from school” says Chavon Harden, a 19-year-old business student at a Florida HBCU. The 48-hour event gave Harden and her classmates a chance to discuss school, their goals, and hopes for the future in a relaxed, “girls’ night” atmosphere complete with dollar store snacks, DVDs, and a team-prepared, homemade breakfast the next morning. Cost effective and efficient. Can’t go wrong with that! 4. Meet Someone New - No, I’m not saying leave your lady or your dude. Every week, challenge yourself to meet and introduce yourself to at least one person on campus, in the community, or wherever the opportunity may arise. Meeting new people and marketing yourself is what networking is all about, and this serves as great practice for mixers and other professional events you may attend in the future. 5. Use your “Net”work - If sleepovers or campus organizations aren’t your thing, you can take advantage of sites like LinkedIn.com and Epsilen.com, which offer students and professionals the opportunity to create online pages, portfolios, and networking profiles. “With the proliferation of social media online, it is becoming even easier to network with individuals from the comfort of your home,” says Jovany Felix, former dean of Academic Affairs at Keiser University.

For more info on networking, grab a copy of “Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships” by Jerry Gitomer.

Go A Little Further...

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


fresh TIPS

Go Bianca Flowers breaks down the ART OF FRESH’sA Little Further... For more info on networking, grab a copy of “Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 THE SEASONAL LOVE AFFAIR Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships” by Jerry Gitomer.
Fresh Magazine Spring 2012 24

hivalry is dead, and his friend Romance is lost. To the male and female players known as the Cuffingtons walking the planet, they are just words that make the drawers drop. Every three months like clockwork, the seasons change. Whether you notice it or not, relationships are either in their beginning stage, or they are about to end. With each season comes a different description of the infamous love bug. Between the months of late January and early April, spring flings spread like that annoying haze of pollen covering everything in sight and pollinating new love. From the months of late April and early July, the “summer love” bug is out on the hunt for fine specimens, taking huge chunks out of everyone as they shed more clothes and the summer heat takes hold. However, between late July and early October to early January, the love train takes a break, causing a “fall back” season. During this time people slow down on falling in loving and focus more so on themselves. Right now, we are in the middle of “the spring fling.” Guys and girls alike are shedding multiple layers for shorter tops and bottoms and thinner clothes. As the season takes a turn toward the winter months, cuffing season commences. It is cold outside and those who are single usually end up reminiscing about their past relationship and end up cuffing some poor lonely


soul. “Ever since kindergarten I’ve never been single, and my longest relationship was two years,” says 20-year-old Daisy Jackson. It never crossed her mind the different seasons of love that she has encountered can indefinably describe each and every relationship she has been in. She has seen and heard it all, from beginning to end. Each relationship that she has been in ended because she was bored. “My most memorable relationship lasted only five months, but we had fun. We started off as a late spring fling and blossomed into and beautiful summer romance.” Jackson goes on to describe how they went out regularly on dates, took out-oftown trips, and even had “cute lovers quarrels.” But when in her most prized relationship, the love flower wilted and her summer love soon turned into a short unfamiliar stroll down lonely lane. After that relationship ended only then had she realized how she was abusing her body. “Never have I had an STD but after hearing that a friend had contracted one, I had to get myself checked out. Thankfully all my results came back negative.” From that day forward, Jackson made a vow to herself and now practicing celibacy. Currently in a relationship, her significant other understands, and admits he might be the one she marries. However, every relationship does not have a fairy tale ending. In fact, every relationship doesn’t necessarily have a fairy tale beginning. James Dunnington, a 22-year-old

aspiring model, has had a good few seasonal relationships. “Going in, I let the ladies I’m involved with know what I’m looking for. Right now in my life, I’m not looking for anything serious. Sometimes the sexual aspect may be too much for the young lady and she wants more.” Dunnington does not have time to commit to a deeply rooted relationship, so he spends time with multiple women. “Some just want someone to take them out, while others just want the physical. Seasons don’t really matter but my friends and I do have our own philosophy about ‘Cuffing Season’.” Clearly stating the limitations of their relationship at the being and staying true to his word, is how Dunnington also believes in staying friends with past lovers and believes that youth is a time of exploration for most young Americans. “You’re developing and exploring your sexuality and relationships with what may be a significant other,” relationship specialist Yolanda Bogan says. There are three things that young people are not doing before they get into theses serious relationships: communicating, building a friendship and respecting themselves. “If they do that there would not be as much heart ache and short lived relationships,” she says.
Catch the conclusion of “Cuffing Season” at Fresh Online. itsfreshmag.blogspot.com.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


fresh TIPS

Spring Skin Care Tips Spring Skin Care Tips
With these tips in your arsenal, you should have no problem staying calm, cool, and collected as Mother Nature turns up the heat.

Finally! If the thick layer of pollen on your car and the longer sunny days are any indication, it’s pretty safe to say that spring is officially upon us. Say goodbye to coats, sweaters, and hoodies and welcome shorts, rompers, tees, and tanks back into your closet for the duration. With cruel, cold weather behind us, it’s time to ditch that winter itch and recondition your skin for the warmer days ahead. Here are a few simple and budget-friendly ways to do just that.

Exfoliate - This is probably the most important of the steps. Exfoliating will allow you to rid your body of dull, dry skin to reveal the healthy layer underneath. Using an inexpensive loofah or body scrubber and body wash, gently buff your arms, legs, shoulders, and back regularly in the shower to keep pores unclogged and refreshed as temperatures rise. For facial exfoliation, cleansers such as Cetaphil and St. Ives Apricot scrub are great for reducing oil and shine. Products retail for about $5. Moisturize - Save the ash for the fireplace. When it comes to healthy skin, moisture is key. Today, retailers offer a variety of lotions, body butters, and cream moisturizers that help fight dryness and itch. Among the best brands are Vaseline and Nivea, which go on light and last longer than most of the competition and cost less than department store products that do the same job. When moisturizing, remember to include common “trouble” areas such as feet, elbows, kneecaps, and hands. To keep skin refreshed and supple, go for body washes that boast antioxidants and extra moisturizers that will keep you looking your best, even while you sweat. Be generous and give your body the attention it deserves. Hydrate and Get Wet - As the mercury rises and we transition into summer, your kidneys won’t be the only body parts that benefit from your addiction to Aquafina. Make sure to get in AT LEAST 8 glasses of water per day. This will help to keep impurity levels low and moisture levels high, especially on those unbearably hot days. Instead of using products that contain isopropyl alcohol to refresh your neck and face, try ice cubes or astringents like Sea Breeze Fresh-Clean for Sensitive Skin, which deep cleans and refreshes without drying and can be purchased for as low as the price of a bottle of water. Drink it up, and your skin will thank you. Protect Ya Neck and everything else - Now that you’ve got some insight on how to get your skin in shape to show off, protecting it from the sun’s harsh rays is just as important. Whether you’re running errands, hanging out, or exercising, you should be wearing sunscreen (SPF 15 or SPF 30) to help prevent skin damage and block harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen in 2012 doesn’t mean slathering on thick, white cream from a tube. That’s old school. These days, companies such as Coppertone, Banana Boat, and Neutrogena offer spray-on and light rub-on options perfect for active students and young professionals. In fact, most lotions and facial moisturizers commonly contain sunscreen, so you’re killing two birds with one application. On really hot and sunny days, consider wearing a hat or a light cardigan to keep neck, shoulder, and arm areas protected, as these are easily prone to sunburn.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012





ven as a young girl of seven, model Alexis C. knew that there was one thing she loved more than the boys in her neighborhood--SHOES. Heels, flats, sandals, sneakers; she loves them all. “I just love the diversity and creativity in the shoe game,” said the 26-year-old glamazon. Born Alexis Carter, the Brooklyn, New York, native has been rocking stilettos since before she could drive, even on the endless Brooklyn city blocks. “I’ve been modeling since I was 14, and a four-inch heel was mandatory for many of my shoots and runway go-sees. From then on, I was always in heels, no matter the time of day or occasion.” This early love of high heels would eventurally skyrocket the 5-foot-2 beauty to heights higher than her tallest pair of Steve Maddens, including a lucrative two-year gig as the 2012 spokeswoman for Dulce Shoes. “The Dulce deal was a blessing,” she says. “The brand allows me to pair my love of modeling with my love of shoes. How can I be mad at that?” -B.R.V.

In In Her Her Shoes Shoes

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


For more info on Alexis C. & her shoe fetish, check out itsfreshmag.blogspot.com.


sole Man
n a world where most men pride themselves on owning only a dozen pairs of shoes, Brando Eklectik’s got ‘em beat. “After I actually sat down and counted them one day and hit 78, I knew I had an addiction,” says Eklectik. “It’s a good one to have though.” The 25-yearold freelance journalist says his love of shoes is his creative outlet. “I love the fact that my collection of sneakers allows me to express myself,” says the avid shoe shopper, averaging a whopping 30 new pairs per month. “My parents still think I spend too much on shoes in general, but that’s part of why I work.” When asked what his favorite pair is, he hesitates, then flashes a coy smile. “Man, I can’t choose a favorite pair. That’s almost like choosing a favorite child,” he chuckles. With a collection of Nikes, Adidas, Converse, & Toms that’s numbered somewhere in the mid-100s, Eklectik doesn’t plan on cutting back anytime soon. “Everybody’s got a vice, ya know? Some people drink. Some people smoke. I collect shoes.” -B.R.V.


For more info on Brando’s collection, check out itsfreshmag.blogspot.com.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


Photos by Bianca Flowers

That Girl! That Girl!
fresh LOOK

Low key beauty Issa Rae has managaged to laugh her way to suceess with her 2011 web series, The Mis-Advent u r e s o f A w k w a r d B l ac k Girl. Based from Rae’s experiences as a theater employee, the Kickstarter hit went viral and is already heading towards a successful second season. With its brutally honest one liners, hilarious montages, and quirky characters, Awkward Black Girl has already made quite the impression.

LOVin' the crew

FRE S H shi ne s the sp otl i ght on the we b’s favor i te Awk ward Bl a ck Gi r l.

Ra e a n d h e r o n -s c r e e n lo v e J a y ”, p la y in t e r e s t s e d by Ma , Fred an d is o n T . d “W h it e S h o c k le y J o h n s on II I (L ) a n (R ) s h a r e d Ly m a n a n in t im ate mom ent.

Fresh Magazine

Spring 2012


For more on Issa Rae and The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, check out Fresh Online at itsfreshmag.blogspot.com.

“NO THING makes me feel sexier than a pair of heels.”

Alexis C. Model/Fashionista

Women Men Kids www.dulceshop.com

Success is failure without vision..

How clear is your vision?


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