The following are the required documents to be uploaded: Corporate & Administrative Documents • Certified Board Resolution to offer the

program ( scanned file) • SEC Registration (scanned file) • Articles of Incorporation (scanned file) • Current Certificate of Ownership/Contract of Lease (scanned file) • Fire Safety Certificate (scanned file) Academic Rules • Schedule and breakdown of tuition fees and other program cost (MS Word file will do) • Documented grading system (MS Word file will do). • Program entry requirements. To be indicated in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) form 2 – Course Design. • Rules on Attendance (MS Word file will do). Note: MS Word files with no electronic signatures will be accepted. All Academic Rules documents’ authenticity will be checked in the ocular inspection stage. Support Services • Description of health services • Description of career guidance/placement services • Description of outreach program (optional) • Description of researches to be undertaken that supports the operation of the TVET provider (optional) Note: All evidences in the descriptions provided for support services will be checked in the ocular inspection