Southern California Earthquake Center

This brochure is designed to briefly explain the different fault types. All of these are present in California and all over the world.

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edu/academics/science/harwoodr/GEOL101/Study/Images/StrikeSlipRLFault. It is a combination of dip-slip motion and strike-slip motion.bhc. Strike-Slip Faults Left-lateral strike-slip faults occur when the two side move parallel to one another. In order to tell it is a left-lateral is In this instance.jpg . vertically. They also are defined to have a foot wall and a hanging wall. however. Oblique Faults Oblique faults are faults on which two directions of displacement occur.uwsp. They occur when the hanging wall move up in relation to the footwall. is a rightlateral strike-slip fault. than the other.uwsp. when standing on one side. the San Andreas fault. All of this can be seen in the above figure.jpg http://www. Right-Lateral Strike-Slip Faults Dip-Slip Faults Dip slip faults are when the fault plane is angled less than 90°. There is no vertical displacement. the other side of the fault has apparent displacement to the left.gif http://facweb. And one side is higher. reverse faults are also referred to as Thrust faults.Fault Types Faults are essentially cracks in layers of rock. and Oblique. The most famous fault in California. Right-lateral strike-slip faults have the same motion as left-lateral. along which displacement Reverse Faults Reverse faults are the opposite of normal faults. Strike-Slip.gif http://upload.wikimedia. a fault scarp is They can be divided into three categories: Dip-Slip. if standing on one side of the fault. http://www. the other side appears to have moved to the right. only horizontal.bhc.jpg http://facweb. Left-Lateral Strike-Slip Faults Normal Faults Normal faults are defined by the foot wall moving up in relation to the hanging wall. there is a space between the faces of the fault. Sometimes. which can be differentiated in the following figure.

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