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html Reuben GEORGE Sr. Reuben George Sr. was born July 31 1776 in Virginia, according to family records . (The 1810 Monroe County, WV census may be in error to suggest that he was bo rn about 1765.) At first family researchers thought that Reuben was the son of Reuben and Mildred Rogers George, but this has been disproven - without proving who his parents were. There were other George families in Greenbrier County W V who may have been related to Reuben. In 2002, a number of men with the GEORGE surname joined a DNA test group, including one participant who is trying to esta blish who our Reuben Sr.'s ancestors were. See Reuben Sr.'s will. Earlier Geo rge family researchers said Reuben fought in and was a veteran of the Ohio India n Wars. Ann (HANDLEY) and Reuben GEORGE Ann Handley, daughter of Archibald and Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY, married Reuben George (also called Reuben Foster) on March 2 1797 in Greenbrier County, WV. Acc ording to the possibly inaccurate 1810 (Monroe Co?) census, Ann was born about 1 764, and would have been about 33 when married. (Leona Andrus, on Family Search estimates her birth year about 1778, in PA, thus being about 19 when married.) W e are gradually collecting information about Ann and her siblings. Between 1798 and 1810, Ann and Reuben George had at least 6 children: Fannie, Jo shua, Reuben Jr., Jane, Enoch, and a daughter who seems to have died in childhoo d.