• Designer Daniel Widrig and Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen introduces 3D printing techniques into the realm of haute couture fashion design

INTRODUCTION • 3D printing is a method of converting a virtual 3D model into a physical object • 3d printing is a category of Rapid prototyping technology .

transforms them into thin cross section and then creates physical cross in space until the model is finished .Rapid Prototyping Rapid prototyping takes virtual designs .

TECHNOLOGIES • • • • • • • • Selective laser sintering (SLS) Fused deposition modeling (FDM) Stereo lithography (SLA) Multi jet Modeling (MJM) Laminated object manufacturing (LOM) Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Object poly jet modeling 3D printing .

Selective Laser Sintering • Plastic powders are laid flat across a build platform and the 2-Dimensional bitmap image is drawn into the powder using extremely hot laser energy to melt the powder .

.Stereo lithography (SLA) • Lower power ultraviolet light from a laser draws the 2-Dimensional bitmap image into liquid ultraviolet curable resin to create a hardened image.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) • Hard plastic wound onto a spool is fed under pressure into a heated head that contains nozzles. . • These nozzles are opened and head moves across build platform to deposit the bitmap image.

• Models are primarily for appearance use. .Multi-Jet Modeling • Fast • Office-friendly: non-toxic materials. • Multi-Jet Modeling™ uses a 96-element print head to deposit molten plastic for layering. low odor. small footprint.

3D printing • 3D printing consists of an inkjet printing system • Layers of a fine powder are selective bonded by printing an adhesive from the inkjet print head in the shape of each cross section as determined by a CAD file .

3D printing • It is also recognized as the fastest method • These photopolymer phase machines use an ultraviolet flood lamp mounted in the print head to cure each layer as it is deposited .

and the process produces almost no waste . recyclable thermoplastic.3D printing • The technology uses ultraviolet beams to fuse layers of powdered.

The New Wave of 3D Printed Garments .

The New Wave of 3D Printed Garments • Digital technologies have dramatically effected the way patterns for textiles are designed and developed .

The New Wave of 3D Printed Garments • Romanian fashion designer Alina Ene combines the analog with the digital to create 3D printed garments that glow under ultra-violet light .

The New Wave of 3D Printed Garments • Using long exposure photography techniques. Ene fashions sculpted garments in vivid and abstract photographic prints • Her garments truly come to life at night where under UV light on the dance floor the patterns dramatically begin to glow .

ADVANTAGES • • • • Clean process Wastage of material is negligible Good for job production 3D printing technology requires no toxic chemicals like those used in stereo lithography printing technology .

ADVANTAGES • It is also the fastest printing method • More affordable • easier to use than other technologies .

DISADVANTAGES • Process is very slow • Components do not have enough strength • Process is not mass production .

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