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The Process of Economic Liberal is at Ion

The Process of Economic Liberal is at Ion

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Published by: Adrian Keys on Apr 19, 2012
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The Process of Economic Liberalisation

Features of Liberalisation Liberalise Trade and Promote Exports Deregulate industry and commerce Reform finance sector institutions - removal of ceilings on interest rates and selective credit controls Reduce subsidies Free Prices Restructure and/or sell off state-owned enterprises Reduce the budget deficit, by cutting public expenditure and maximizing tax revenue Reduce the numbers of civil servants Devalue the currency and liberalise foreign exchange dealing Opinion Formers and Policy Makers Politicians Ministries or Agencies Political Parties Implementation Agencies Government Departments The Central Bank Commercial and Investment Banks

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) Representatives of external agencies The Central Bank Government Advisors

Agencies The Stock Exchange Managers in State Enterprises Private Sector Managers

Academic Institutions

The Press

Financial and Regulatory bodies responsible for market supervision Economic development agencies Taxation Authorities Private Consultancy Companies Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development and NGOs Ministries and other agencies concerned with social safety net provision

Exhibit 3 Features of the Liberalisation Process

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