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See Der Rabbits

See Der Rabbits

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Published by: Todd Dorman on Apr 19, 2012
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Cedar Rapids Extends a Most Cordial Invitation to One and All to Come and Witness the Greatest and Grandest Carnival ever Given in the West-Unbounded Hospitality and Unlimited Pleasure-Program ot Surpassing Excellence-Wonderful and Thrilling Pyrotechnics Reproducing Dewey's Capture of Manila and Destruction of the Spanish Elect, a Scene Never to be Forgotten-Magnificent Fireworks-Great Bicycle Races-Trotting and Running-Balloon Races, a New and Startling Innovation-Trapeze Performances Never Equalled-Do not Fail to Join in the Glorious Fall Festivities-Take a Few Days off from Business and Toil and Join in Having a Good Time, a . -. , . Season of Pleasure, Profit and Joy-Remember the Place and Date and Accept this Genuine Welcome and Invitation.

Cedar Rapids invites You to Come to the- Curnlvnl. The success of the second a n n u a l carnival at Cedar Rapids is already f u l l y assured [good weather permittins.] Not only is success certain, but the entertainment planned for the visiting" tens of thousands \viii be the finest, fullest, most complete and most novel of anything oC tho kind ever attempted in the west. I>ut

they soon rally and make a deter-' mined defense, futile all the while,' but the best they can make.One by one their vessels are rendered useless, some sinking, some on flre. The celebrated withdrawal for breakfast will be faithfully represented and the return to action which ended in the complete obliteration of Spain's naval power in the Orient, the capture of Cavite and fortifications, landing- of American marines, the raising of "Old. Glory," and grand celebration of the victory with a. pyrotechnic display,

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the work of the e n t e r t a i n ; i v > n t comm i t t e e and the fine a t t r a c t i o n s they have secured for the five days' program is nut all t h a t will be done j to induce attendance f r o m far and \ near, for everybody in Cedar Kapids, ; irrespective of dejrree, social, p r o f t s - ', yional and mercantile, has joined in • extending a welcome to the Parlor City ol* Jowa that w i l l be appreciated by each and every carnival visitor. Tho town w i l l he "wide open" in l\\^ sense t h a t all our citizens w i l l vi«\ each w i t h the o t h e r in d e m o n s t r a t i n g t h a t the h o s p i t a l i t y of Cedar Kapids is broad, jrenuine and w i t h o u t l i m i t . Tho dates selected were chosen because of their especial fitness, "between f a l l and winter." that will enable a larpe m a j o r i t y of people to jcive a short period of time for pleasure ami relaxation, t o J a y a s i d e tiresnmc; business cares and enjoy a short st>ayon of profitable and enjoyable Ii-isure preparatory to the rush of business a n d work w i t h w h i c h the corn in? e a r l y w i n t e r m o n t h s seem tilled w i t h so much promise. And everybody. or almost everybody, w i t h in M. radius of h u n d r e d s of mile's should take advantage of the occasion, the low railroad rates, the cert a i n t y oi' b o u n t i f u l h o s p i t a l i t y and t h e assurance t h u t their pleasure w i i i be f u l l , unalloyed and comparatively inexpensive*. To our f r i e n d s on llic farm it w i l l prove iin event of great, interest, a p l e a s u r a b l e mile post in a year f*f t o i l . To t h e business man it will prov- -ti bracer necessary to meet the on»-< mii UK rush of business, while a "day off" will do I item sood. TO the professional m^n R w i l l pruve a vacation, needed and necessary, fmm exacting duties. I n short, the carnival w i l l prove a h o l i d a y oeeusi^n full of benefits, pleasure and profit to all. I*, cannot be otherwise, fur every thine: possible is h ' - j n ^ done tu make the occasion a delight to a l l .

that is pronounced the greatest ever known. "The Battle of Manila Bay" and the great display of fireworks will be the attraction each evening of the carnival.

ThetirentNaval Knttlc*, Dewey Sink- | Ine; tho Spuxilsih Fleet. ! Arnonp the most prominent attractions will be the wonderful pyrotechnic spectacle. "The B a t t l e of ^Manila. Bay," an actual t r e product it »n in m i n i a t u r e of the" proa test of modern naval battles. Dewey'.s obl i t e r a t i o n of the Spanish fleet u r n k r command of A d m i r a l Montijo. An ar- j tih'cial lake. »00 fef;t Ion?, w i l l be used ' for the display. It w i l l represent Manila bay t r u t h f u l l y , showing CorreKi(ior i s l a n d , w h i c h punnls the entrant-* 1 , * *;tvite w i t h its celebrated fort a n d extensive f o r t i f i c a t i o n s and n a v a l arsenal, t h e Kpanis*h fleet u n d e r OavUe's protecting puns w i t h the g r o a t city of M a n i l a in the distance. The n i c t u r e w i l l he a most complete one a m i frive to spectators a n i n t e l l i g e n t ami vivid idea of the conditions rulinp over Manila bay on the memorable 'Sunday m o r n i n g May 1 lasi, when the American fleet, commanded by the incomparable Dewey, steamed past the f r o w n i n g puns of Corre^idor and bore down on the doomed fiee.t of Spain. The scene changes quickly. Kerov-;rinp- from the ciarinff audacity of the American admiral, the guns of t h e forts are m a n n p d and let loose on t h e Yankees, who, u n m i n d f u l of shot and shell, mines and torpedoes. bear down on the Spanish fleet and

Bicycle. Trottlne, Paclnc, JBallocm and Cbarlot Races—Tlirllllnsr Trapeze Performance. Minor attractions there will be in great profusion. While minor- to the great evening; attraction, they will beyery interesting- and command attention '•' throughout each day. Want oC space forbids complete enumeration, here, yet we note the more prominent in order that an intelligent idea of each day's program may be Cleaned. On the opening day there will be bicycle, races, amateur and professional, in which a number of the greatest riders in the west will compete.' For amateurs there will be one-mile,1 one mile open for colored amateurs only, and a,. five-mile handicap. For professionals, half mile open and two mile handicap. the prizes for all of which are generous and. valubale. In addition the wonderful trick wheelman. Palfrey: will give exhibitions on- an elevated platform.' There will be an Indian village showing- .habits- and customs of the aborignes, a triple balloon, race? Roman chariot races, exhibitions of all phases of horsemanship, globe walking down a spiral staircase and spiral ladder, slack wire walking, sensational trapeze acts and balloon ascension w i t h midair pyrotechnic display. On Tuesday there will be a, change in bicycle races in addition to theprogram noted, (which will be given each day) a two-mile lap race for amateurs, one mile ordinary, halfmile open for amateurs and five mile handicap open to colored amateurs only, while for professionals there willbe a one mile open. Wednesday, Thursday and Fridaybicycle races will give way to trotting .pacing and running races, with! many classes and liberal purses for all, for which there are entered some of the finest and fastest horses !n the west. The management promises that nothing of an objectionable nature will be permitted on- the carnival grounds. Fakers and sharpers will be kept out, in fact will be kept from the city if possible, and if not, will be under the rigid scrutiny of the police.

Let This be Your "Star EneaKeiiiGilt" —And Kemombor The Ga/.etto's L.atub Strinc is Hauijlnc Out For Yon. .On- behalf of Cedar Rapids The Gazette extends a most cordial invitation' to "all the folks." everywhere, to come to the carnival. You will never regret It. but the memory of t h e occasion should be a, lasting delight. Make arrangements to stay as many days v.ith us as possible during- carnival week, and don't forget to urge y o u r neigbors to do iJie same. Let this be your "star engagement" of the season. And let us add. in conclusion, -a'~ very hearty invitation to one and,' all

when in satisfacliu-y rjm^i' brc'lfi H b..|rliiiiq: of si.col t h u t w i l l f v c r be liist'triral, tlK- while c o n t i n u i n g t h o maneuvering- that Knidujilly reduces t h r range and renders more effective and destructive the work of the American guns. The Spaniards, taken by surprise, are -at first panic stricken, but

to call at The Gazette office when in the city and see how a great newspaper is published. 11 w i l l well repay you to see the wonderful type casting machines in operation, in fact it will alone be worth the trip,' andi The Gazette desi-res one and all to call aad make themselves at home. . ,

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