Gassho meditation

Basic Gassho is simply to sit with your hands in prayer position and concentrate on breathing in and out slowly. With each in breath imagine that Reiki is entering your crown and filling your entire body - with each out breath visualize that you are exhaling Reiki from every pore in your body and off out into infinity. This is a simple, but very effective meditation, and can be done as often as you wish. Practice Gassho daily for 10-15 minutes until you are used to it. Then you can maintain the meditation as long as you like.

Meditation is an integral part of Reiki and was practiced by Dr Usui's students each time they attended a Reiki class. These meditations deepen and strengthen your connection to the energy, promote sensitivity to Reiki and the ability to channel ever increasing amounts of Reiki. Practised daily Gassho meditations will benefit you in many ways. As well as Reiki benefits, meditation is an ideal way to still the mind and relax the body.