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2nd Marriage Theories

2nd Marriage Theories

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Published by: anu_d on Apr 19, 2012
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Re: looking for Second Marriage

Sent: Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:00 pm From: R V RAMANAN To: shilpa Dear Shilpa, Actually in navamsa since the second house is the eighth to the seventh house, it is considered the death of the first rel ationship and the begin ning of the second.This is the Rationale behind it. The 9th being the house to be looked at is another school of thought but this may not work because the 9th could be the siblings of the spouse.But this is also used,as it was common practice in ancient times that a man cud marry the sister of his wife in case of her death or i n case she cud not beget a child. Planets in the seventh apart from the one which gave the first relationship can indicate the second one.IF there are no planets in 7th, then planets conjunct the seventh lord can give marriage. Generally 7th afflict ed and any two planets in the 11th gives more than one marriage. if no planets are in seventh, then planets associated with venus can give second marri age.In a females chart people take saturn instead of venus. You can take a call only after seeing all these and end up at finding out the most probable planet which can give relationships..i e..the second one. The second to navamsa is the safest bet...the third marriage seen from 9th to navamsa being the 8th to the 2nd and the 4th to navamsa for the 4th maarri age. There are also some dictums like,any two planets in 11th and mer/saturn in 7. when lord of 7 and moon occupy a common sign in rasi or navamsa. wen both 7th lord and venus are exalted and if the 7th is occupied by any two planets.sun and mars in the 7th or have their n avamsas in the 7th.. then in all these cases, there will be more than one marriage trust this helps...this is what i could recollect. regards ramanan R V RAMANAN Site Administrator

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