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Hampden County District Attorney's Office Hall of Justice, 3rd Floor Contact: District Attorney Mark G. Mastroianni ~ Phone: 413-505-5600 Fax: 413-781-4745 Date: April 19, 2012

Hampden County District Attorney Mark G. Mastroianni announces today that he is releasing the preliminary results from the investigation of police and his office into the April 13, 2012 incident in the city of Chicopee that resulted in the fatal shooting of Carlos A. Gonzalez-Laguer, age 41, of Springfield, and shooting injuries to Massachusetts State Police Trooper John Vasquez and one female civilian. Several law enforcement agencies responded to the scene, including officers from the Chicopee Police and Fire Departments and troopers, detecti ves, ballistics and crime scene services units of the Massachusetts State Police. An investigation into the incident is being conducted jointly by detectives from the Chicopee Police Department Detective Bureau and troopers from the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to the


Hampden County District Attorney's Office. The preliminary findings of this investigation are detailed below. On Friday, April 13,2012, at approximately 7:45 a.m., Chicopee Police officers responded to multiple 911 emergency calls for assistance to a multi-family residence located at 102 West Street in the city. The calls notified responding officers of an ongoing home invasion with several shots being fired. Also responding to the scene were troopers from the Massachusetts State Police Barracks, Troop B located in Springfield, and other Chicopee and state police officers who were in the area or at various locations and assignments nearby. Among them was Massachusetts State Police Trooper John Vasquez, who is assigned to the Troop B Barracks in Springfield and was in the area at the time the emergency calls were broadcast. Responding officers were met with gunshots originating from the enclosed front porch of the first floor apartment of the residence. Two adult occupants of the residence, a male residing on the second floor and female residing on the first floor soon advised police of the identity of the gunman, Carlos Gonzalez-Laguer, age 41, of Springfield. Laguer had arrived at the residence shortly before police were summoned to the scene. He had an estranged relationship with the female resident of the first floor apartment that resulted in an active restraining order being issued against him from the Springfield District Court in November 2011. Just prior to his arrival at the 102 West Street residence, he had contacted the female first floor resident, by texting her, in violation of the court order. The female was concerned by the message she received and rejected Laguer's suggested advances. He arrived at her home shortly thereafter as she prepared for work and her eight year old son prepared for school.

Laguer was met in the driveway of the residence by the male occupant of the second floor, who was not familiar with him but was confronted by Laguer to assist him with entry into the first floor apartment. The second floor tenant declined Laguer assistance telling him, he "would not do that." After denying Laguer entry into the home, Laguer assaulted him by pointing a handgun at his chest and pulling the trigger. The gun failed to discharge and the second floor tenant began to back away from Laguer but continued to watch him attempt entry into the first floor. Laguer was visibly holding two handguns, both seen by the second floor tenant and he had likely left an assault rifle in the back of the dwelling before encountering the second floor tenant. Laguer directed his attention to the first floor apartment of his estranged girlfriend. He approached a first floor window, smashing it with one of the handguns. His estranged girlfriend had seen Laguer in the driveway of her home and watched, horrified, as he broke the window to her apartment. Scared and surprised, she began yelling, the second floor tenant had remained in the immediate area yelling for the woman to run. Laguer responded with gunfire directed at his estranged girlfriend inside of her apartment and shots continued as she and the second floor tenant ran from the residence. She managed to call 911 while seeking cover. Concern for her child, who remained inside of the apartment, kept her from completely leaving the area until police responded and eventually confirmed her child had been safely removed from the residence. Laguer was undaunted. He entered the first floor residence, gaining entrance by breaking a window. He encountered the eight year old child son of his estranged girlfriend and ordered the child to return to his bedroom. He continued shooting out from

the first floor residence at the fleeing residents and the arriving police officers. Two arriving officers discharged their service weapons in an attempt to disarm Laguer. When the shooting ended, the eight year old child fled the home to the safety of awaiting police officers. He had remained hidden in the kitchen throughout the encounter. Police then entered the residence. All the burners on the gas stove had been turned on and a candle was burning in the kitchen. Laguer was found dead, from an apparent gunshot wound, in the front room of the residence by a tactical team of the Massachusetts State Police. Beside him was an Olympic Arms Assault Rifle (AR-15 style), semi-automatic with a single trigger pull; this rifle is capable of firing extremely rapidly from its loaded clip which could hold thirty rounds. The rifle was recovered partially loaded with one bullet in the chamber and eight in the clip. In addition, a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun was recovered from the floor of the front porch. It also was partially loaded with one bullet in the chamber. This weapon had an obliterated serial number and was recovered jammed, making it inoperable. Another weapon, a .45 caliber Ruger semi-automatic handgun, was recovered from the couch in the front room of the residence. It, too, was partially loaded with one round in the chamber and three in the clip. In addition, a fully loaded clip containing seven rounds of ammunition was recovered on the couch for the Ruger handgun. Another clip with seven rounds of ammunition was recovered from Laguer's pocket for use with this Ruger handgun. Also found on the couch were two (2) empty 30 round clips, two (2) full 30 round clips and one (1) empty 20 round clip, all for use with the assault rifle. Loose ammunition found in the first floor front room included two (2) .40 caliber rounds, sixtytwo (62) 9 mm rounds (which were not compatible with weapons found at the scene),


thirty-five (35) .45 caliber rounds for use with Laguer's Ruger handgun and ninety-six (96) .223 caliber rounds available for Laguer to reload his clips for the assault rifle. All total, Laguer had 206 rounds of ammunition available to him in addition to the ammunition loaded into each weapon found at the scene. Laguer was not licensed or permitted to own or carry any firearms or ammunition. possession of the weapons and ammunition continues. Preliminary ballistics examination has revealed that Laguer fired sixty-four (64) rounds of rifle ammunition and three (3) rounds of .45 caliber handgun ammunition. He An investigation tracing his

struck arriving Massachusetts State Police Trooper John Vasquez's cruiser fifteen (15) times, all with rifle fire. Trooper Vasquez suffered gunshot wounds to his lower left leg and right hand. He was injured from shrapnel to his right leg. He was treated and released from Baystate Medical Center after undergoing emergency surgery. Another state police cruiser was struck four (4) times and two Chicopee police cruisers were struck one (1) time each. Police responded with eight (8) rounds of gun fire during the incident, five (5) from a patrol rifle and three (3) from a handgun. Investigation also has revealed that other civilian cars in the area received damage from stray bullets that Laguer shot from inside the first floor porch. On Saturday, April 14,2012, investigators learned that a 41 year old Springfield resident, a woman, who was seated in a motor vehicle in the gas station nearby, sustained a bullet wound to her left thigh as her motor vehicle was struck several times with gun fire. She was treated and released from Baystate Medical Center. Other individuals in the gas station or associated coffee shop heard gunshots, sought cover and correctly alerted police to the scene by contacting 911. The window of the coffee shop was shot out by one of Laguer' s bullets.

No one at this location was injured by the gun fire. Also hearing gunshots were the occupants of a school bus travelling on West Street heading toward Stefanik School in Chicopee. The bus driver, bus monitor and lone passenger (a nine year old boy) were safely removed from the bus by police during the encounter. Also on April 14th, an autopsy was conducted on Laguer by Henry Neils, M.D., a forensic pathologist and Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Dr. Neils has determined that Laguer died as a result of a gunshot wound

to the head. The fatal injury was self-inflicted. Laguer had additional non-fatal gunshot injuries to his abdomen and arm that appear to have been caused from police fire although ballistics examination of the weapons and ammunition recovered from the scene are incomplete at this time. Chief John R. Ferraro, Jr. of the Chicopee Police Department has stated that, "Although no one looks forward to this type of incident happening, the residents of the city of Chicopee should know that his department, and officers responding from other agencies, are prepared to address it in a professional and disciplined manner when it does happen." District Attorney Mastroianni will continue his coordination of this investigation and will issue a final report about the incident when all tests and examinations upon the physical evidence are completed and investigation reports are finalized. District Attorney Mastroianni, joined by Colonel Marian J. McGovern, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police and Chief Ferraro, commends the work of all arriving law enforcement and emergency personnel for their focused and professional efforts. "The potential for greater injury to the victims, officers and bystanders was minimized by the communication and cooperation shown by responding

law enforcement officers and other emergency personnel from the city of Chicopee and the Massachusetts State Police and their courageous, appropriate and reasoned response to a volatile and dangerous situation", the District Attorney said.


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