Points To Ponder …..An aftermath vision of Muntadhir Al Zaidi's leather projectiles hurled towards G. W. Bush !!


"The Flaming Shoes Dodger"… …A proposed title for a digital PS game, all rights reserved , courtesy Abu Al Haq !! " Hollywood Boulevard", at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre forecourt , that spot for the celebrities concrete footprints, are jerks and assholes like Arnold Schwarzenegger ,by any measure, braver than the Iraqi Muntadhar Al Zaidi ?? Murtadha's shoe deserves it ok. "Defensive Presidential Conferencing"….. A proposed aspect to include in all courses of International diplomatic relationships, to help diplomatic corpses avoid such moments , without making fools of themselves, like Bush did !! . " A Lesson Lately Learnt ", .. A proposed movie title , employing an insight into the final cut of the Iraqi Dilemma.. " WMD".. What the heck does this term mean , amidst this Bushoes aftermath ?? I am offering a few clues here * ..Weapons of Mass Destruction, Or





* Weapons of Massive Distraction, Or * Weapons of Moral Degradation, Or * Weapons of Men-Shoes Déjà-Vu, Or * Women & Men Delight . Or * Whata Marvelous Direction. A challenge for all dictionaries and Encyclopedia institutes ..just grab this invaluable chance… Warmest Regards, and a Merry Christmas season, but not for the Bush dynasty, for certain !! Abu Al Haq A Freelance Philosopher