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Costenbader Synthesis

Costenbader Synthesis

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Published by: Matt Costenbader on Apr 19, 2012
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Matt Costenbader Comp 1 – Dr.

Sherry In the entries below, I talk about how the different parts of my Michael Vick project that I did this semester address the course goals. I chose to write about my slideshow for the audience/purpose goal, my diary entries from Michael Vick for the language and conventions goal, my professional article genre for the critical use of evidence goal, my slideshow again for the print/ non-print media goal, and my apology letter to the NFL Commissioner for the writing process goal. A. Students will be able to compose for particular audiences and purposes. For this goal, I chose to write about my slideshow genre. It is composed so that people of all different backgrounds will be interested in seeing and reading the information I have on it. I used eye catching features, like different-colored backgrounds and fonts. For example, I used Philadelphia Eagles green for the background of the slides that talk about when he was on the Eagles and red for when he was on the Atlanta Falcons. I also used pictures and set up each slide format differently so that when it was being read, the person was not looking at the same boring slide with a different picture and words each time. B. Students will be able to compose using language and conventions appropriate to genre. I chose to write about my diary entries from Michael Vick for this goal. When a person writes in a diary, they most likely do not use formal language like they would in a report or article. They use language they actually use everyday in an informal setting. Slang is common in diaries, and proper grammar is not always needed. I used some slang and also informal language in my diary to make it more realistic and like Vick actually wrote them. For example, in the diary entries from Vick’s childhood, I tried to use informal language to make it like a child wrote it and not an adult. C. Students will be able to read, select, and use evidence critically to formulate and support arguments. For this goal, I chose to write about my professional genre article. In a real article, people have to use factual information that they researched and try to shy away from opinions. I did that in my article. I used all the information I could from the information I researched to make it like a real article as much as I could. I used a lot of information from Wikipedia. I did this because it had a whole biography on Vick’s life and that is basically what my article is, a biography. It makes the article seem very professional. D. Students will be able to interpret and compose in a variety of media and print/nonprint genres. My slideshow is what I chose to write about for this goal. My slideshow is not something that you would print out, because it is meant to be looked at slide by slide on a computer instead of paper by paper. I used different pictures of Vick for each slide that related to the information of the slide so that they portrayed information as well. I used unique headings for my slides to show what was to come on that slide.

E. Students will be able to discuss and apply appropriate writing processes both individually and in collaborative contexts. For this goal, I chose to write about my apology letter to the NFL Commissioner from Michael Vick. When I first wrote it I had a lot of grammar mistakes and I also used some words repetitively. For example, I used words like I’ve, and I’m, and other conjunctions. The people that reviewed my letter suggested that I should just spell them out instead because it makes the letter look more professional and that was what I wanted it to look like. After it was peer reviewed I got great feedback on it and ideas from other people that I had not even thought of. They corrected my grammar mistakes, gave me some ideas about different words to use, and helped me make it look more like a formal letter. For example, I used too many commas where I should not have and after my letter was reviewed, they fixed that for me. Reflection: When I first chose my topic for my multigenre project, I had already known a lot about Michael Vick. I knew the story of what he had done, the teams he had been on, what kind of player he was, and also what kind of person he had changed into. I did not expect to find out that many new things about him, but I was wrong. I learned a lot about Vick, especially about his childhood. I learned how growing up in a really bad neighborhood affected how he grew up and how he got involved in the dog-fighting operation. I also learned about the groups he was working with, and how hard he was working to stop animal abuse. It was a lot of fun looking at statistics of him, and watching videos of him playing also. Throughout this project, I learned that you have a lot of freedom with your genres. I thought, at the beginning, that I would have to do a bunch of different types of reports and boring word documents on Vick, but I was wrong. I learned that word documents are not the only way to convey information, and not the best either. My slideshow is a good example of this. It was fun creating it because I got to put a lot more than just words into it. I got to use pictures, different colored backgrounds, different colored headings, and other things as well. I got to put my own creative touch on it and I really enjoyed that. If I were going to teach this course, I would definitely use the multigenre project with my students. I think it is a fun way to talk about something you’re passionate about. It is unlike any other project I have done before. I am used to the conventional essay on a topic we don’t get to choose and I don’t enjoy those. I liked the freedom this project brought, and how it brought out the creativity in us. I also like that it is spread over a long period of the semester and we don’t have to jam it all into one or two weeks like other projects.

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