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Megan Butterfield Secretary Grade 6 August 10, 2005 Mr.


Candidate Profile
My name is Megan Butterfield and I’m in the sixth grade. I come from a family of six. My hobbies are reading, writing, and playing sports. I am running for and would love to be secretary. Council leaders should be hard workers and willing to come to meetings. They should work for the good of all middle school students not just themselves or their grade. Leaders should also be cooperative and fair. In order to be a secretary you need to be nice, organized, and responsible. Secretaries should like to write. As I mentioned before, I would love to be the secretary and I like to write. I am self-motivated, kind, organized, and very responsible. I’ve been in charge of teaching my 5th grade Girl Scout troop how to ride, care for, and learn about horses. I had to take many notes and talk in front of not only my troop but also all other Girl Scout troops many times. Several of my teachers have told me that I have great leadership skills. I hope to improve our school and gain more leadership. I would love to share creative ideas and talent with the middle school and its student council. We could plan more activities to include everyone and bring the

middle school together. We could have a more appropriately dressed and well-spoken middle school. The student council could plan some fun activities, games, and parties, including all middle school students. I would like to contribute to the school by being the student council secretary.