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(1925) Scientific Wrestling- Paul Prehn

(1925) Scientific Wrestling- Paul Prehn

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This method can be used from any position but to a
better advantage when the man is in an upright position.
Assume that the man is standing in an upright position.
Place your hands around your opponent’s waist, using the
Wrestler’s Grip. If you desire to throw your opponent to
the right side, shift your body to the right and place your
right foot on top of your opponent’s right foot (see Plate
12). At the same time throw him to the right side. It is
not necessary, however, to place your foot exactly on top
of your opponent’s foot, for it is just as effective to place
it against the ankle or even higher, as it is used merely to
trip. The most important part is to use all the strength
you have in snapping your opponent to the mat. This
must be done very quickly. This method can be used
from either side, right or left. Be sure to follow your man
down to the mat.


Keep your feet well apart with hands close to the mat.
Keep moving your feet and do not allow him to place his
foot against yours. Also, attempt to catch his foot with
your hands, pulling it up and forward and so forcing him
down with the weight of your body (see Plate 5).
One of the methods is to break your opponent’s grip
about your waist and use a Double Wrist Lock as will be


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