.380 ACP Caliber • Double Action Only (DAO)

rI~;ld c;_m:lully ano thorougidy Familiarize yourself with the tuncyour tire,Hrll twtore loading or shootrno. If ,OU are unsure. seel: knowlcdceable Instruction before attempting to use gun. Plp,lSI
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American Arms, l nc . • 71.) Armour



Rd .• N. Kansas

Ci'y. MO 64JJ6· (8/6)

Open the ocliuli.It • AVOid alcoholic II 1'()11 Iwvelages IhlJ!l1ughly a.dlite proper usc and care of your gun. Never climb a tree or fence."ii D(lO 'l ~I "1.t' YOl1r g1l11 IH yO\1T hllllti)lg dmgs before Of during shooting. Keep your linger off the trigger while operating the action... Never place a loaded gun in a vehicle or lean the gun against any object where II might filii over. or jump a ditch with a loaded gun. check the barrcljs) every lime before reloading. Never engage in horseplay with B firearm. Identify your target befor e .l~~ authority. .\~. lilt' do'.'k (11be a competent priv i Iq.inst "s!ob" shooters . make sure that the gun is pointed in a safe dirccti on . remove the shells and hand the goo 10 It friend or place it on the ground on thn ulhN side of the obstacle before crossing it yourself.I)I1"""IH· ll. TIle gun should be emptied and placed in a case when not ill II~" • While loading or unloading.· prcxxurc ag:. I" shoot. • ..if il is loaded .it may bel • Walch the muzzle al all times and never point the gun at anything you do rIC•• w ant 1)0 not shoot ill sounds.·(· 1\1 . beyond the reach of children.111.~IIl'l.'.11 "d". Roth can be taken away [fI.GUN SAFETY RULES Please read and observe these sa/ety rille! before halldling your N"'" • Be sure thaI the bsrrelts) is clear of any obstruction before loading. StNC guns and ammunition MILkI'l mtllin separately. .l'rcat every gun II:.' puh!«: Y"" k uo w 'lI1d'~rslfu.

. ." .." " ... .". Precautions Storage" " . " ... & Maintenance ....... " Parts & Accessory Ordering Warranty & Registration Card Purchaser's Record ." . .: .. ". . .." ..4 5 ...."'''' " . .. '" .6 " 7 8 "8 9 ..".. . .. . . . 2 . " . ... "...9 . Lubrication.."... Assembly " Cleaning...TABLE OF CONTENTS Gun Safety RuJes Feature Identification .."..... . . ..". "". . .". ". . ....l0 ' 12 13 14 Parts List .....".......'''' " . " ... ..... . " " . . ". " . . " Service Agreement & Warranty Warranty Service .... ". .9 Warnings Operating Instructions Disassembly &. .." ..3 ". ''''' " . 1 & Technical Data " . Escort Schematic Diagram ".. ." .. ". " "..'" "" .

AMERICAN ARMS "ESCORT" .II}\'" Take Down Lever Button Magazine Release (Left Side) TECHNICAL DATA Semi-Auto Width: I 3/1:i" 1'.hl..0'1'. (unloaded) 7 Rounds J80ACP 6 1/8" 4 1/1" Magazine Csosci. Double Action Only (DAO) Barrel Length: Weight: 3 3/8" 19 oz.11""°.380 ACP Caliber • Double Action Only (DAO) Ex tractor Loaded Chamber Ejection f I.y: . hill Lenglh 11.

With a Double Action (DA) the hammer. remanufactured. is not responsible for damage to pistol. 8. 7. a red dot will be visible. this is only a visual effect of the rounded edges. The hammer is cocked and released for each shot by etch pull of the trigger. If the chamber is loaded and the trigger is pulled. or handloaded ammunition. Do no confuse the DOUBLE ACTION ONLY (DAO) action with Double Action (DA). you should never assume any firearm is unloaded without visually checking the chamber. The Escort Pistol does not employ any mechanical safety system since it is a DAO Action (see paragraph 3)."oldlng your warranty and thus prevent costly repairs to your new pistol. 4. Your American Anns Escort features "sinusoidal" rifling. Use only new.hootlngl Thla will prevent Injury . 2. The Loaded Chamber Indicator is incorporated in the extractor. In a DAO action.) When a cartridge is loaded in the chamber. Use only one or the other and use only a light gun oil specified for guns. well as . 9. shooter or any incidental damages caused by malfunctioning new. (See Feature Identification page. American Arms. With the Escort's DAO action.WARNINGS Before WlIDI your aun. 4 . 3. While it may look as though there is no rifling in the barrel. Inc. please re.. reloaded. However. This improves accuracy. If switching from one to the other..s the followlnglnfonnatlon to learn the "Do's" and "Don'ta" for before. be sure the pistol is completely cleaned of the previous lubricant. This can put excessive stress on the firing pin. factory loaded amrmmition in your pistol. must be fired or manually reset to the uncocked position. This pistol's action functions in Double Action Only (DAO). the hammer always remains in In uncocked position. Please read the assembly and disassembly instructions before taking down your pistol for cleaning. which is located at the center rear of the ejection port. the hammer is always in an uncooked position until the trigger is pulled. 1. Do not mix greases and oils for lubricating the slide action on your pistol. Do not excessively "dry-fire" the pistol. Remove the grips before using solvent to clean the outside of your pistol and wipe it 5. when cocked. 6. the cartridge will fife! The Escort DAO features a Loaded Chamber Indicator.. durlnl and after . meaning that the edges of the rifling are rounded and not square.

then pressed down until the cartridge is under the magazine lips. Reinsert the loaded magazine into the gun all the way up as far as it will go. FIRING The pistol is now ready to fire. With the pistol pointed at the intended target. C. The magazine wiD hold seven (7) rounds.clean of any solvents before putting the grips back: on. Be Sure of your target and make sure the path of fire and background of target are clear of people. Instead. IMPOR· TANT: THIS PISTOL IS A SEMI·AUTOMATIC <* SELF LOADING PIS· TOL. Never manually cycle the gun to empty the magazine. wet a cleaning patch with a light gun oil and run it through the barrel once to apply a light coat of oil to the inside of the barrel. or anything not intended to be shot. point the pistol in a safe direction. and free fills when released. The magazine will be compleiely expelled from the gun. Each subsequent cartridge is loaded in the same manner except the next cartridge rim is pressed onto the esse of the cartridge in the magazine and not the bullet ~. B. When storing the pistol for long periods of time. The magazine is locked into position when it cannot be pulled back out without pushing the release button. Grasp the rear serrations of the slide with the thumb and forefinger and pull the slide firmly to the rear and release. READYING TO FIRE With a loaded magazine inserted into the pistol. BE SURE THE PISTOL IS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECfION BEFORE CHAMBERING THE FIRST ROUND. THE FOLLOWING ROUND 5 . 11. animals. WARNING: COMPLETION OF THESE PROCEDURES LOADS THE PISTOL AND IT IS NOW READY TO FIRE. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A. This wiD load the fusl round into the chamber and the loaded chamber indicator (red dot on extractor) will be visible. ONCE THE FIRST ROUND IS FIRED. 10. MAGAZINE WADING Remove the magazine by pressing the release button (located on the left side of the frame in front of the grip). The first clI'lridge is positioned parallel to the angle of the magazine follower. pull the trigger. then pushed into the magazine. Clean the pistol after each use. remove the magazine and remove the cartridges from the magazine by hand.

readying the pistol to fire.\ . If the slide and barrel cannot be pushed into the proper position by hand. ASSEMBLY Assembly is completed by performing the above steps in reverse order with the following note: When reinstalling the side. With the slide upside down.B~ sun pistol is unloaded. BE SURE TIlE TAKE DOWN LEVER IS DEPRESSED AT ALL TIMES. With the lever depressed. UNLOADING WITH A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER AND/OR LOADED MAGAZINE. D. Remove magazine. loaded magazine. NOTE: ANY FURTHER DISASSEMBLY IS NOT NECESSARY MAINTENANCE AND MAY VOID THE WARRANTY. The slide will not lock open on the last shot. you may lightly tap the muzzle of the barrel onto It non-marring surface (such as wood) WITH THE TAKE DOWN LEVER ALWAYS u . extracting the cartridge from the chamber. Pull the slide fmnly to the rear. The barrel can now be removed from the slide by pushing it forward through the hole in the front of the slide. THE MAGAZINE IS EMPTY. While still holding the slide rearward. This removes the recoil spring assembly. Depress the takedown lever located just behind the trigger. DISASSEMBLY & ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY . 3. MAKE SURE THE FIREARM IS EMP'I'Y BY (1) REMOVING THE MAGAZINE. 2. AND PUSH THE HAMMER FORWARD (NOT BACKWARD) as the slide rides over it. (2) PULLING THE SLIDE REARWARD AND VISUALLY CHECKING THE CHAMBER to be sure all rounds have hem filed leaving the pistol in an unloaded condition. This removes the slide. a cartridge will automatically be chambered. 1. visually inspect Ihe chamber to insure successful completion of unloading. FOR NORMAL B. grasp the rear end of the recoil spring assembly and lift up IITId out. push the slide forward until it completely clears the frame. Note: Anytime the slide is operated with .IN THE MAGAZINE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE LOADED INTO THE CHAMBER EACH TIME THE PISTOL IS FIRED UNTn. Point pistol in safe direction.. Remove the loaded magazine.

dI. 2. and just before re-installing ". CAlnJON: Cleaning solvents will damage the soft polymer pistol grips. release the take down lever. Use a firearm grease to lubricate the slide action enly on your pistol. the barrel is locked into place and the gun is ready for firing again. After all cleaning is finished. put a small amount of the bore cleaner in the bore IIld run the bore brush through the entire length of the barrel and chamber several times. repeat steps 1 and 2 until the bore is completely free of any lead and powder deposits. 3. . Always wipe clean all solvents before lubricating and shooting. Repeat this process with a new cleaning patch each time until the patch comes out clean. and only grease specified for guns.DEPRESSED to cause the barrel and slide to go into their proper position. breech face. Using a clean cleaning patch and rod. Be sure to remove grips before applying solvent in that area and wipe thoroughly clean before re-installing the grips. run the cleaning patch through the entire length of the barrel and chamber. be sure to clean the pistol after each use.lI. S. If the take down lever does not return to its outward position. 4. B. CLEANING. Inspect the inside of the barrel by pointing the muzzle end toward a light source and look through the breech end. LUBRICATION & MAINTENANCE A. and inside the slide (paying special attention to the headspace and surrounding area). B. LUBRICATION I. If the bore brush moves through the bore too easily. perform the disassembly instructions. wire bore brush of the proper caliber. or tap the muzzle with the palm of the hand. 1. You may want to clean other puts of the pistol by applying solvent and wiping clean with a cloth. When the take down lever returns to its full outward position. Wipe clean. Once the barrel and slide are flush with the rear of the frame. If the inside of the barrel is not completely smooth and clean. To avoid malfunctions.1I Gild 0111. To clean your pistol. retract the slide and release it as if you were chambering a round. the brush is worn and a new one must be used for thorough cleaning action. dI. Using a solvent (bore cleaner) and I brass. Using a solvent and wire brush (something resembling a stiff bristled tooth brush is suggested) clean the feed ramp.

Apply a small dab in slide grooves in the frame at the front and in the middle. Do not jeopardize your safety or the safety of others by making modifications to your firearm. 2. use only oils specified for guns. STORAGE Thoroughly clean and oil your gun before storage. The Escort functions in Double Action Only. 8 . Store away from children and other undesired curious individuals. ALTERATION WARNING: American Arms. This may result in a clw!mical reaction and could cause the gun to gum up. Pulling the trigger will result in a discharge of the round in the chamber and chambering of the next round. Inc.the slide. apply a small dab in the grooves in the slide on each side at about the middle and front. Store gun in a case to prevent scratches and dents. Always carry the pistol with an empty chamber. Inc. PRECAUTIONS A. When using oils for lubrication. Store in a dry place to prevent corrosion. Adequate vision protection when shoo ling is essential. This should provide adequate coverage. IMPORTANf: DO NOT mix differenl oils and greases. or for the addition or substitution of parts or accessories not manufactured by American Arms. B. This product was designed to function properly in its original condition. C. even if it is unloaded. Always wear shooting glasses and hearing protection when you shoot. DO NOT apply lubrication to lhe inside o/tM magazine. will not be responsible for any alteration of any part of this fireann after it leaves our control. Exposure to shooting noise can damage hearing. Never point the pistol at anything you don't intend to shoot. Substituting any oils other than those specified for 81U1S will usually gum up and cause malfunc- ~e- tions. There is no manual safety device. Make sure gun is unloaded and store ammunition separately.

Inc. 9 . Other than the express warranty contained herein. MO 64116 American Arms.SERVICE AGREEMENT & LIMITED WARRANTY American Arms. To prevent complications in obtaining warranty service. 715 Armour Rd. Inc.D. and instructions stating to what address you want us to return ship the repaired gun. assumes no warranty responsibility for malfunctions an~or defects caused by not reading and following the instructions in the Instruction Manual. agrees to service thil product &ee of ctwrge for defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with the service agreement lilted below.I. We cannot ship C. by mail or phone (816) 474-3161. Box. pack the faellll1l so it will not become damaged in transit and ship it prepaid.S. Inc. to obtain a current price list and ordering information for purchasing parIS an. PARTS & ACCESSORY ORDERING Please contact American Arms. via U. will repair or replace any unserviceable part(s) for one (1) year from date of purchase in IICcordlJlCe with the above warrlllty statement provided your firearm has not been altered.A. Inc.P. Kansas City. include it. willfully damlJed. its benefits apply only to the original purchaser. abused. N. This agreement is not transferable. Inc. accusories. N. The obligation of American Arms. Inc. insured.O. please fill out the attached warranty card and attach a copy of the purchase receipt and mail it to: AMERICAN ARMS. makes no warranties. 715 Armour Rd. . but we need a street address fOTshipping. express or implied. INC . or damaaed by reloaded ammunition. American Arms. Kansas City. If you have a P. American Arms. or other authorized carrier to: A. Inc.O. will assume the return shipping charges. American Arms. under this agreement is limited to the repair or replacement of unserviceable parts and does not cover Illy incidental or consequential damages. MO 64116 OBTAINING SERVICE To obtain warranty or non-warranty service. It is imperative that you include a note stating the following information: A description of the problem you are experiencing.

- State Country: Zip 2..ah.n Arm. Ieet In Am. . Slo.-------.... o OWned o OCalalog o 0l1li befora Aecommanded by cleale. 5.f. gun? of owner of gun: S o ~ 7.11W over l5 ov.:. OGunS~ ___ $ 8.0 MI. 011.ggg o Upper 0 $4S.999 $50.. (not Including any t'ld. .lend _ DGItt o OIha.9119 $35. o lonaVTechnieal f. 2.. Collar MglJAdnln.----.. 1..!l99 o ~ ~ 8 o S1S. Purch _ ~ o 5. thl.--.000 & 6.alion D AdverllMment Recommended by o Prot .. o C. Initilll Straet City e. Inc.: 110. Your Innual family Incom.J _ Ciliber: Model: _ o ~ z -c :J ~ S.ed: . Why did you . _0 OI~r (Ipedfy): DiaOOlJnI SI0I'8 Dapatt"".~INumbN: 4.!JOO.rlc. your 11m Am.. 0 Company 70 School aO Club Last Nama --·~p--:t~..000-S1UW ONo 10. -::-.999 $040. 30 M.000-144... o SaleaJServicWMlddle Mgt..01 Purcnl •• : 3.0 Mril. (specily: o o Hom&maka. I.Slate.13oI.... Oceupatlon 0$10.rTWnITrad .0 Dr.1IW o S25.WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD 1..PO-h-one---- . This information will help us to serve you better in the future.J ~ o o o SportiIlQ Good.rlcan Arma Gun? o S20.000-$39. w .( store _ II.0 Mr. Oa" of birth 01 product owner: Month Y.lip: ------- o Urider I.000-$49. man o ClencaliWhrt .. Prlc.. Wherll purchaHd: d u. Addreu: Clty. o Student Reliloo PhyaldanJDolnlllt American Arms. F1r rm Purcha. Siore Name.000 0 0 0 0 $:lO.000-$14.000-S24. appreciates your taking the time to complete this card. .

. "n.... KANSAS CITY. ... RD. _ Tope Pt.... Stamp "-eMoo H. MO 64116 . N.OIdettv. rnIIMlMl1~ -110 AllIUm To: AMERICAN 715 ARMOUR ARMS. Hoi" _. INC.

-_ . spare parts or repairs should be directed to: AMERICAN ARMS..- All correspondence regarding service. .. use gates when possible. PURCHASER'S RECORD Model N urn bcr Purchase Date Caliber Serial Number Purchase Price Store Name . you are helping develop a reputation for all sportsmen/sportswomen.. Remember. Do not litter. BE COURTEOUS When shooting or hunting.THANK YOU Thank you for purchasing an American Arms pistol.. Drive vehicles only whre advance permission has been granted and always express gratitude for use of another person's land. INC._. leave open gates open and closed gates closed.__ .. MO 64116 12 . We are sure this gun will bring you years of hunting and/or shooting pleasure. --_ .. . . -. Respect the land.. N... . Your satisfaction is the key to our success.__ . 715 Armour Rd.. always acquire the permission of the landowner.~._. Offer your labor or game as repayment for the privilege of usc.. .. Kansas City. Please let us know if we can be of service and please relay any observations about your gun's performance or appearance..

31 DEKIII". '"RESTRICTED PARTS .includes: Slide 39 40 41 42 43* 44* 45* Front Sight & Pin Sight Extractor Extractor Spring & Pin Firing Pin Firing Pin Spring & Plug Take Down Barrel Locking Pin Take Down Lever Take Down Lever Pin Take Down Lever Spring Trigger & Spring Assembly Trigger Bar Trigger Pin Rear only. J3 .Muse be installed at factory or sold 10 FFL Dealers ~.AIIT.. left Grip.380 ACP Caliber • Double Action Only (DAD) PART I OESeRI. right Hammer Hammer Cable Hammer Cable Pulley Hammer Catch Tooth Hammer Catch Tooth Spring Hammer Pin Hammer Pivot Pin Hammer Spring Hammer Spring Bushing Hammer Spring Retaining Nut Hammer Spring Retaining Nul Pin Magazine Magazine Catch Tooth Magazine Catch Tooth Pin Magazine Release Button Magazine Release Button Spring 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Rear Sight Recoil Buffer Spring Recoil Spring Recoil Spring Front Bushing Recoil Spring Guide Rod Recoil Spring Rear Bushing Slide (Unassembled) Slide Assembly .nON . pair Grip.IDN I 2* 3 4 5 6* 7* 8* 9* 10 II 12 13 14 15* 16* 17* 19* 20* 21* IS· 22* 23* 24* 25* 26 27 28 2930 Barrel Ejector Extractor Extractor Pin Extractor Spring Firing Pin Firing Pin Plug Firing Pin Spring Frame Front Sight Front Sight Pin Grip Screws.AMERICAN ARMS ESCORT ..

... N ::I • • ~ . w <: () <:o<:.~ ~ ~---- et-r . •. - II:: ::! eN ..g 00 «J ~w en 008 a. uc: cu- -c ~$ 0 . lit ..x --~ -1 .N co .. .....: -~ ~ 0 C§ -1 ~=~ - a: <: z Ci. / ~ " iii -..g 0 I l &.~./' .. (/) a:-'.../' »< .. :.

Kansas City. M() 64116 O~16) 474w316t' .71~ Armour l{d. ".