Five Minds For The Future

Howard Gardner

• Before books. memory was prized. or cultivate citizens who care passionately about the society in which they live and the planet they will pass on to their successors . the capacity to survey massive amounts of info. and to organise it in useful ways. • Today. is much more important • How do we nurture workers who will not simply pursue their self-interest but will realise their core mission of their calling.

The current globilization features 4 unprecendented trends • 1. The movement of popular culture (clothing. 100 million immigrants at any one time around the world • 3. The movement of capital and other market instruments around the globe • 2. The movement of info thru cyberspace • 4. The movement of human beings across borders. Food) across borders .

Approach the topic in a variety of ways • 4. The Disciplined Mind • Appreciate the difference between subject matter. and discipline • How to achieve a disciplined mind?? • 1. Set up performances of understanding .1. Identify truly important concepts within the discipline • 2. Spend a significant amount of time on this topic • 3.

• Measurement of learning must reveal whether the student can actually make use of the classroom material outside the school .

2. The Synthesizing Mind • The amount of accumulated k’ledge is reportedly doubling every 2 or 3 years (wisdom presumably accrues more slowly!) .

images. themes Embodiments without words Theories Metatheories .Kinds of Synthesis • • • • • • • • Narratives Taxonomies Complex concepts Rules and aphorisms Powerful metaphor.

Martha Graham .• We know from the notebooks of master creators . Freud.that first drafts are often primitive and yet may contain the crucial nucleus of the final version . Darwin.Picasso.

• “For you to be here now. trillions of drifting atoms had somehow to assemble in an intricate and intriguingly obliging manner to create you.” – Bill Bryson (A Short History Of Nearly Everything) . It’s an arrangement so specialized and particular that it has never been tried before and will only exist this once.

3. . The Creating Mind • …the acid test for creativity is simply stated: has the domain in which you operate been significantly altered by your contribution? • Google gives employees a day a week to work on projects that are not directly linked to revenue • No society can be composed entirely of creators. they are by nature destabilizing.

• Yet another form of group creativity has recently coalesced . the eBay sellers the most trusted • Open source programming • Wikipedia • The individual contribution seems less critical. the Amazon books that are recommended. the group mind more crucial .the wisdom of crowds. We see this phenomenon at work in the Google sources that are the most popular.

. The Respectful Mind • Note the peaceful resolutions achieved in Northern Ireland and South Africa • “We must love one another or die.” (W H Auden) • A truly respectful individual offers the benefit of the doubt to all human beings.4.

000 people High quality community Unparalleled resources for quality infant-toddler centres and preschools • What happens to the graduates? “Just look at our community” .5. The Ethical Mind • • • • Reggio Emilia in northern Italy 100.

• 2. Mirror test . and if not. • 3. Mirror test . “Am I being a good worker.Signposts towards the achievement of good work • 1. Models.individual (Q. what can I do to become one?” • 4. Mission.professional responsibility .

” (JeanBaptiste Moliere) .• “We are responsible not only for what we do but for what we do not do.

not just a convenient or cute package .Key Overviews • The disciplined person should embody the ways of thinking and acting that distinguish her chosen discipline(s) and not just spew forth a lot of heterogeneous k’ledge about the subject • Synthesizer .put ideas together in a cogent and replicable way.

or especially. display active interest in and affection for those who are different • Ethical mind .transcend mere tolerance.even. instead. sheer novelty. when those actions go against one’s narrow self-interest .original and appropriate.• Creative mind . eccentricity or instant celebrity not sufficient • Respectful mind .support the broader profession and the wider society .

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