A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web

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CopywrILIng Ior Lhe
A Guide on the Basics of Copywriting for
the Web
BroughL Lo you by: Michuel Muyhew
VIsIL: WebmusterAutomution.com
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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A Guide on the Husics oI
Copywriting Ior the Web
By: Michuel Muyhew
The PubIIsher hus sLrIved Lo be us uccuruLe und compIeLe us possIbIe In Lhe creuLIon oI
LhIs reporL, noLwILhsLundIng Lhe IucL LhuL he does noL wurrunL or represenL uL uny LIme
LhuL Lhe conLenLs wILhIn ure uccuruLe due Lo Lhe rupIdIy chungIng nuLure oI Lhe ¡nLerneL.
The PubIIsher wIII noL be responsIbIe Ior uny Iosses or dumuges oI uny kInd Incurred by
Lhe reuder wheLher dIrecLIy or IndIrecLIy urIsIng Irom Lhe use oI Lhe InIormuLIon Iound In
LhIs reporL.
ThIs reporL Is noL InLended Ior use us u source oI IeguI, busIness, uccounLIng or IInuncIuI
udvIce. AII reuders ure udvIsed Lo seek servIces oI compeLenL proIessIonuIs In IeguI,
busIness, uccounLIng, und IInunce IIeId.
No guurunLees oI Income ure mude. Reuder ussumes responsIbIIILy Ior use oI InIormuLIon
conLuIned hereIn. The uuLhor reserves Lhe rIghL Lo muke chunges wILhouL noLIce. The
PubIIsher ussumes no responsIbIIILy or IIubIIILy whuLsoever on Lhe behuII oI Lhe reuder oI
LhIs reporL.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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ChupLer 1 Why WrILIng Copy Ior Lhe Web Is DIIIerenL
ChupLer z VIsILors Are ¡mporLunL Lo You
ChupLer ¸ PIun In Order Lo Succeed
ChupLer q How Lo WrILe EIIecLIve Copy Ior Lhe Web
ChupLer ¸ How Lo ¡Ind EIIecLIve Keywords und Keyword Phruses
ChupLer 6 Keep IL ShorL und SweeL
ChupLer ; OLher EssenLIuI ComponenLs Ior Good CopywrILIng
ChupLer 8 GeL u HeudIIne LhuL Grubs
ChupLer q How Lo Go AbouL WrILIng u HeudIIne
ChupLer 1o TesL Lhe Tone oI Your HeudIInes
ChupLer 11 Muke Your TexL ¡Inks ¡ook Lhe Sume
ChupLer 1z Be PosILIve Irom BegInnIng Lo End
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A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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AILhough muny peopIe seem Lo LhInk LhuL wrILIng eIIecLIve copy Ior Lhe web Is eusy, IL
Isn`L. So II you wunL Lo ensure LhuL your reuders und your cusLomers undersLund how
your websILe works und whuL IL cun do Ior Lhem, you need Lo produce good copywrILIng
Ior IL.
¡n LhIs book, we wIII Iook uL Lhe busIcs oI producIng good copywrILIng Ior Lhe web. BuL
beIore we sLurL Lhere ure u number oI LhIngs LhuL you shouId remember.
¡IrsL, peopIe do noL reud u websILe In Lhe sume wuy LhuL Lhey wouId reud prInLed
muLerIuI. ¡n IucL, Lhere ure Lhree churucLerIsLIcs whIch uIIecL how u web user wIII reucL Lo
Lhe onIIne conLenL oI u sILe.
¡L Is ImporLunL Lo remember LhuL web users ure ucLIve, noL pussIve. So II Lhey cun noL
IInd u reuson Ior sLuyIng on u sILe, Lhen Lhey wIII Ieuve IL. SomeLImes u person wIII Ieuve
1¸ seconds uILer Lhey huve ucLuuIIy goLLen Lhere. So II your LexL Is Loo Iong, Lhen Lhey ure
Iess IIkeIy Lo reud IL. So II you wunL u web user Lo beIIeve whuL you huve Lo suy, you musL
be ubIe Lo buck up Lhe hype.
¡n order Ior uny web copy Lo be eIIecLIve, IL musL Luke InLo uccounL Lhe churucLerIsLIcs
menLIoned ubove.
WhuL Is mosL ImporLunL oI uII when IookIng uL copywrILIng Ior Lhe web, Is noL Lo
underesLImuLe Lhe ImporLunce oI Lhe busIcs. ¡I you jusL jump sLruIghL InLo IL you muy
IInd yourseII In LroubIe, und your sILe noL beIng us eIIecLIve us IL shouId be.
So IeL us sLurL, ok?
Wurm regurds,
Michuel Muyhew
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter 1 -
Why Writing Copy Ior the Web is ÐiIIerent
One oI Lhe mosL ImporLunL reusons us Lo why copywrILIng Ior Lhe web Is dIIIerenL Is LhuL
Lhe mIndseL oI Lhose who ure goIng Lo be reudIng Is dIIIerenL.
More oILen Lhun noL, mosL web puges wIII be Iound vIu u seurch engIne. ThIs Is very
sIgnIIIcunL, us IL meuns LhuL Lhe person reudIng your sILe hus been IookIng eILher Ior you
or someone IIke you. So LhuL puLs Lhem In conLroI. ThIs Is becuuse Lhey wIII be Iocused
on IIndIng u purLIcuIur producL, servIce or pIece oI InIormuLIon.
So unyone vIsILIng your sILe Ior Lhe IIrsL LIme und hus Iound IL vIu u seurch engIne wIII
huve u Iew quesLIons In mInd. ¨Huve ¡ come Lo Lhe rIghL pIuce?¨ uIso ¨WIII ¡ IInd whuL
¡`m IookIng Ior uL LhIs puge or sILe?¨ ¡InuIIy, Lhey wouId be uskIng LhemseIves ¨Do ¡ IeeI
ubIe LhuL ¡ cun compIeLe Lhe Lusk uL LhIs poInL?¨
So whuL Is vILuI Is LhuL you unswer Lhese quesLIons In boLh your heudIIne, und uny sub-
heudIInes you muy huve. ¡L needs Lo be ubIe Lo secure u response Irom LhIs IIrsL LIme
vIsILor ImmedIuLeIy.
¡n order Ior LhIs Lo huppen, your wrILIng needs Lo provIde unswers so LhuL Lhe vIsILor
knows exucLIy whuL Lhey ure IookIng Ior.
WhuL Is ImporLunL when wrILIng uny copy Ior Lhe web Is LhuL you reussure uny vIsILors
LhuL Lhey ure In Lhe rIghL pIuce, und LhuL Lhey shouId conLInue Lo reud on.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chapter 2 -
Visitors Are Important to You
¡I you IuII Lo pIun, Lhen you ure IIkeIy Lo IuII In your endeuvor oI producIng greuL copy. ¡I
you wIsh Lo uchIeve your gouIs, IL Is ImporLunL Lo guLher uII Lhe IucLs.
¡IrsL, you shouId unLIcIpuLe Lhe users` oI your sILes quesLIons. NormuIIy, Lhere ure Iour
quesLIons LhuL u user wIII huve LhuL wIII need Lo be unswered.
1. WhuL um ¡ doIng here?
z. How do ¡ do IL?
¸. WhuL Is In IL Ior me?
q. Where do ¡ go Irom here?
So II your sILe`s desIgn und nuvIguLIon cun noL provIde un obvIous unswer Lo Lhese
quesLIons, Lhen you shouId Iook uL usIng copy In order Lo expIuIn Lhem. ¡L Is ImporLunL
LhuL Lhe unswers Lo Lhese quesLIons shouId be obvIous Lo uII your users, und noL jusL
Lhose vIsILIng your sILe Ior Lhe IIrsL LIme.
WhuL Is ImporLunL Lo remember Is LhuL huII Lhe vIsILors Lo u sILe wIII noL Lry Lo boLher
wILh workIng LhIngs ouL Ior LhemseIves, und Lhe oLher huII muy noL even succeed.
NexL, when pIunnIng, Iocus on your core uudIence. Remember, you wIII noL be ubIe Lo
reuch everyone, so muke sure LhuL Lhe copy you produce uddresses your sILe`s mosL
ImporLunL vIsILors dIrecLIy. So, spend LIme expIuInIng whuL Lhe sILe cun do Ior Lhem In
purLIcuIur. ¡I you wunL Lo muke IL more eIIecLIve, Lhen do noL use words whIch wouId
onIy be Iooked uL by peopIe you do noL need.
However, II you ure LurgeLIng more Lhun one Lype oI vIsILor Lo your sILe, Lhen muke sure
LhuL you cun dIrecL Lhem Lo dIIIerenL puges. WhuL you shouId remember Is LhuL u vIsILor
wIII go somewhere eIse II Lhey do noL IeeI your sILe hus someLhIng oI vuIue Lo oIIer Lo
Lhem In purLIcuIur.
So when provIdIng Lhem wILh IucLs, IeL Lhe IucLs speuk Ior LhemseIves. ¡L Is ImporLunL
LhuL you muke your descrIpLIons compeIIIng, uILhough noL excessIve. Muny vIsILors Lo
sILes wIII skIp u sILe II Lhey IeeI IL Is Loo IuII oI hype (jusL beur In mInd LhuL some hype wIII
uImosL cerLuInIy be necessury In order Lo excILe your vIsILor).
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter ¿ -
Plun in Order to Succeed
¡L Is vILuI LhuL durIng Lhe pIunnIng sLuge oI your copywrILIng Ior Lhe web, you undersLund
whuL IL Is, exucLIy, you hope Lo uccompIIsh.
You huve uIreudy deLermIned LhuL you need Lo Increuse dIrecL suIes, buIId u subscrIber
buse, cIrcuIuLe InIormuLIon, us weII us provIde LechnIcuI supporL. BuL In order Lo do LhIs,
you musL muke sure LhuL your web copy cun heIp you Lo uchIeve Lhese gouIs.
¡L Is ImporLunL Lo decIde who your IdeuI cusLomer Is und jusL whuL IL Is LhuL Lhey reuIIy
wunL. Then IInd und cruIL Lhe words LhuL wIII mosL eIIecLIveIy brIng Lhese peopIe Lo your
¡L Is uIso ImporLunL Lo remember LhuL wILhouL u deLuIIed pIun, IL wIII become ImpossIbIe
Lo know who you ure LurgeLIng. WILhouL u LurgeL, you ure IIkeIy Lo mIss ouL on Lhose
peopIe who ure wIIIIng und euger Lo puy Ior your heIp und experLIse.
So when pIunnIng your web copy, IL Is ImporLunL Lo know LhuL your LurgeL uudIence Is
normuIIy smurLer und more knowIedgeubIe Lhun Lhe LypIcuI vIsILor Lo u sILe.
Now LhuL you huve sLurLed pIunnIng, you need Lo sLurL IookIng uL whom Lo LurgeL.
TurgeLIng Is used Lo IIgure ouL whIch cusLomers wIII huve uny probIems Lhey cun be
soIved by usIng your purLIcuIur producL. ¡L Is LhereIore vILuI LhuL you become un experL
In reIuLIon Lo every sIngIe beneIIL LhuL your producL oIIers. Then, once you ure ubIe Lo
deLermIne who you need Lo LurgeL, you cun begIn Lo seurch Lhem ouL. So sLurL buIIdIng u
proIIIe oI Lhose peopIe who wIII beneIIL Irom your heIp Lhe mosL. Once you know who
Lhey ure, Lhen begIn by repeuLedIy usIng sLrong web copy, und Lhe mosL mugneLIc oI Lhe
beneIILs your producL cun oIIer us buIL.
AL IusL, you huve Iound your LurgeL uudIence, und now you musL deveIop u sLruLegy Ior
wrILIng your copy. ¡n order Lo do LhIs, Lhe besL wuy Is Lo do Lhe IoIIowIng:
1. ¡n Lhe IIrsL purL, wrILe ubouL whuL exucLIy Lhe cusLomer wunLs.
z. The Lone Is how your wrILIng sounds Lo Lhose LhuL you ure LurgeLIng.
¸. When execuLIng your copy IL Is ImporLunL LhuL you ure ubIe Lo presenL your
Ideu Lo Lhem In un eusy wuy.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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WhuL Is mosL ImporLunL Is LhuL you LhInk ubouL uII Lhree oI Lhese LhIngs In equuI
umounLs, und do noL uIIow uny one oI Lhem Lo overshudow Lhe oLhers.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter q -
How to Write IIIective Copy Ior the Web
¡n order Lo wrILe eIIecLIve copy Ior Lhe web, Lhere ure Lwo prImury ureus LhuL you shouId
Iook uL. ¡L Is Lhe puge LILIe und Lhe META descrIpLIons. BoLh oI Lhese ure usuuIIy Lhe IIrsL
Lwo LhIngs LhuL u person wIII see when seurchIng Lhe web Ior u purLIcuIur producL or
However, LhIs does noL ucLuuIIy uppIy Lo uII seurch engInes or dIrecLorIes us some wIII noL
show Lhe META descrIpLIon uL uII. ¡n some cuses, Lhey wIII show u snIppeL oI Lhe conLenL
Irom your sILe.
BeIow we provIde In IIsL oI ImporLunce Ior purLIcuIur ureus LhuL you shouId Iocus on In
order Lo wrILe eIIecLIve web copy.
1. Puge TILIe - ThIs Is Lhe IIrsL LhIng LhuL uny vIsILor wIII see when curryIng ouL u seurch
on Lhe web.
z. META DescrIpLIon - UsuuIIy Lhe second LhIng Lhe vIsILor wIII see when curryIng ouLu
seurch Lhrough u seurch engIne or dIrecLory.
¡L Is ImporLunL Lo remember LhuL boLh oI Lhese ure IIkeIy Lo be produced on Lhe Seurch
EngIne`s ResuILs Puge (SERP`s).
¸. HeudIng Tugs - ThIs wIII reIuLe Lo specIIIc subjecLs wILhIn your sILe.
q. VIsIbIe ConLenL - ThIs Is unoLher ureu oI ImporLunce LhuL you shouId Iocus on In
order Lo produce eIIecLIve copywrILIng Ior Lhe web. These ure provIded beIow In order
oI ImporLunce.
u. HyperIInked Tex und TILIe ALLrIbuLe - ThIs Is IrequenLIy dIspIuyed us u ¨LooI
LIp¨. WhIch Is u shorL messuge LhuL wIII uppeur when Lhe poInLIng devIce
(cursor) puuses over u purLIcuIur objecL?
b. AILernuLe TexL Tugs - ThIs shouId be Ior un Imuge und Is noL Lo be used Ior
sLuIIIng wILh keywords LhuL do noL uppIy Lo IL.
c. META Keyword Tugs - UnIorLunuLeIy, due Lo severe ubuse by uneLhIcuI
murkeLers und uneducuLed consumers Lhese ure noL us sLrong us Lhey use Lo be.
¡n IucL, mosL seurch engInes wIII no Ionger be IookIng uL Lhese us u reIevuncy
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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IucLor durIng LheIr seurch. So IL Is ImporLunL LhuL you muke sure Lhe keywords
you use In LhIs Lug ure Lo be Iound In Lhe vIsIbIe conLenL Ior Lhe puge.
So eIIecLIve copywrILIng Ior Lhe web cun onIy be uchIeved II you cureIuIIy reseurch your
keywords und keyword phruses. WhuL Is Lhe poInL oI wrILIng uny copy, II you do noL
know whuL IL Is ucLuuIIy LhuL your LurgeL uudIence Is seurchIng Ior? By LurgeLIng Lhe
correcL keywords und keyword phruses you ure LukIng one oI Lhe mosL ImporLunL sLeps In
wrILIng eIIecLIve copy.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter g -
How to Iind IIIective Keywords und
Keyword Phruses
Seurch engInes ure Lhe mosL ImporLunL LooI on Lhe web Ior brIngIng new cusLomers Lo u
sILe. Muny peopIe who huve never heurd oI your sILe wIII use u seurch engIne Lo IInd
whuL Lhey ure IookIng Ior, uL your sILe or uL someone eIse`s. BuL unIorLunuLeIy, u seurch
engIne Is noL psychIc und noL very InLuILIve eILher. They wIII noL be ubIe Lo IInd whuL
peopIe ure ucLuuIIy IookIng Ior buL ruLher whuL Lhey ure uskIng Ior.
BuL jusL how do you know whuL peopIe ure IookIng Ior? There ure u number oI dIIIerenL
wuys In whIch you cun geL uheud oI Lhe compeLILIon In reIuLIon Lo peopIe`s seurch hubILs.
There ure muny eIIecLIve progrums uround und one oI Lhese Is Word Trucker, whIch cun
be Iound uL WordTrucker.com. You ure ubIe Lo IIcense LhIs progrum eILher by Lhe duy,
week, monLh or yeur. WhuL LhIs progrum does Is provIde you wILh Ieedbuck In reIuLIon Lo
key phruses LhuL you submIL Lo IL. ¡L wIII uIso muke recommenduLIons In reIuLIon Lo
sImIIur key phruses, und you ure Lhen ubIe Lo LesL Lhem uguInsL Lhe mosL ImporLunL
seurch engInes und dIrecLorIes on Lhe web.
WhuL IL Lhen does IL LeIIs you jusL how muny peopIe ure seurchIng Ior u purLIcuIur phruse,
und how much compeLILIon Lhere Is Irom oLher sILes. Once LhIs Is done Lhen Word
Trucker ussIgns euch phruse wILh u Keyword EIIecLIveness ¡ndex (KE¡) runkIng. So by
usIng Lhe phruses LhuL uLLrucLs Lhe mosL InLeresL, buL Lhe IeusL compeLILIon, upproprIuLeIy
LhroughouL your sILe In boLh copy und puge LILIes, IL wIII muke ILmore recepLIve Lo Lhe
seurch engInes und dIrecLorIes. So when IL comes LIme Ior peopIe who ure IookIng Ior u
purLIcuIur producL or servIce, Lhen your sILe shouId be one oI Lhe IIrsL Lhey see In LheIr
seurch resuILs.
The besL LIme Lo do uny keyword or key phruses seurches Is when you ure IIrsL buIIdIng
your sILe. ThIs wIII Lhen meun LhuL you do noL need Lo rewrILe your copy IuLer on. BuL
reuIIy, IL cun be done uL uny LIme. ¡L Is ImporLunL Lo remember LhuL II you ure noL
reseurchIng whuL IL Is your cusLomers wunL, Lhen your compeLILIon wIII be.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter 6 -
Keep it Short und Sweet
You ure IookIng Lo keep your vIsILors comIng Lo your sILe und uIso geL Lhem Lo reLurn.
There ure u number oI poInLs you shouId consIder when copywrILIng Ior Lhe web.
Keep your copy short und simple
WhuL you shouId remember Is LhuL unIess u vIsILor hus been dIrecLed Lo u purLIcuIur puge
on u sILe, more oILen Lhun noL, Lhey wIII onIy reud 1 or z IInes oI Lhe LexL. So Lhe Ionger
your LexL Is, Lhe Iess IIkeIy Lhey wIII wunL Lo reud IL. So II you cun, do noL udd uny Iong
copy Lo uny puges where vIsILors ure noL expecLIng IL Lo be.
AIso keep your copy sImpIe. ThIs muLLers us much us how Iong IL Is. ¡L Is ImporLunL LhuL
your vIsILors ure ubIe Lo undersLund whuL hus been wrILLen on LheIr IIrsL reudIng. They
do noL wunL Lo huve Lo spend LIme LhInkIng ubouL whuL you huve wrILLen.
¡n mosL cuses, you shouId be ubIe Lo convey one key Ideu eIIecLIveIy In jusL one or Lwo
IInes oI wrILIng. By wrILIng uny more Lhen LhuL, you ure IIkeIy Lo ruIn Lhe chunce oI Lhe
IIrsL Ideu you ure provIdIng Lo geL Lhrough Lo Lhem.
So by unLIcIpuLIng LhuL your vIsILors wIII be wIIIIng Lo Ieurn more ubouL someLhIng, Lhen
Lhey wIII Iook Ior Lhe puge LhuL hus more copy on IL. So provIde Lhem wILh u IInk Lo
unoLher puge oI your sILe where Lhey cun geL hoId oI Lhe InIormuLIon LhuL Lhey need.
Whut iI you do need to write long copy?
¡I you do need Lo IncIude some Ionger copy, Lhen orgunIze IL. Even II your vIsILors ure
expecLIng Lo IInd u puge heuvy wILhLexL, Lhey muy noL ucLuuIIy be wIIIIng Lo reud IL. So In
order Lo heIp Lhem, dIvIde uny dIsLIncL Ideus you huve InLo sepuruLe purugruphs. ProvIde
Lhem wILh useIuI heudIngs, sub heudIngs und buIIeLed IIsLs. ThIs Is u greuL wuy oI
InLroducIng key Ideus Lo Lhem deIIberuLeIy.
¡L Is besL Lo ussume LhuL noL uII Lhe vIsILors Lo your sILe wIII reud Ionger pIeces In LheIr
enLIreLy. So wrILe copy LhuL Lhey wIII be ubIe Lo skIm Lhrough und IeLs Lhem reud Lhe
purLs LhuL Lhey ure onIy InLeresLed In.
AILhough Ionger copy does noL need us dIrecL us shorL copy Is, IL shouId sLIII be eusy Lo
reud. You wIII IInd LhuL Lhose vIsILors Lo your sILe who huve dIIIIcuILy undersLundIng
whuL hus been wrILLen, wIII sLop reudIng IL.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Muke your Copy Lively
Keep your copywrILIng cIeur und wrILe vIvIdIy. You shouId be uImIng Lo wrILe In u IIghL,
unussumIng Lone oI voIce. ¡I whuL you huve wrILLen Is borIng or overbeurIng, LhIs wIII In
Lurn uIIecL Lhe reuder, und whuL you ure LryIng Lo convey wIII noL geL Lhrough Lo Lhem.
So use u consIsLenL voIce LhroughouL your copy. By doIng LhIs, vIsILors wIII more quIckIy
recognIze IL und so become IumIIIur wILh IL. The more IumIIIur u sILe or subjecL Is Lo
Lhem, Lhe more eIIecLIve IL wIII be.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter , -
Other Issentiul Components Ior Good
¡L Is ever so eusy Lo become u IILLIe sIoppy wILh Lhe vocubuIury on your websILe, us weII us
Lhe Iook. You muy IInd IL so eusy LhuL you become InconsIsLenL In Lhe Lerms und phruses
LhuL you use when descrIbIng u purLIcuIur producL, servIce, LooI or IeuLure on your sILe.
So IL Is vILuI LhuL you go Lhrough your sILe reguIurIy und muke sure LhuL Lhe Lerms you ure
usIng ure used consIsLenLIy. AIso, LhuL Lhey ure cIeurIy communIcuLIng whuL you ure
LryIng Lo express Lo Lhose vIsILIng your sILe.
ThereIore, you shouId uIwuys be uwure oI Lhe speIIIng, grummur und IormuLLIng oI uny
copywrILIng LhuL you produce. Muny suIes eIIorLs huve umounLed Lo noLhIng jusL becuuse
oI u sImpIe speIIIng or grummuLIcuI error In Lhe copywrILIng. So spend LIme usIng u speII
checker Lo ensure LhuL everyLhIng Is correcL. ¡L wIII suve u IoL oI LIme IuLer on.
Try Lo uvoId usIng IoLs oI cupILuI IeLLers und excIumuLIons murks In your work, us IL does
noL Iook very proIessIonuI. BuL use boId LexL und coIor In order Lo hIghIIghL uny
ImporLunL poInLs you wIsh Lo muke.
AnoLher ImporLunL LhIng Lo huve Is un undersLundIng oI Lhe wrILLen Iunguuge. As
creuLIng websILe copy Is dIIIerenL Irom LhuL used when wrILIng un urLIcIe In u newsIeLLer,
or composIng u cusLom essuy or book reporL or reseurch puper. The Iunguuge LhuL you
use musL be very deIIberuLe. ¡L Is ImporLunL LhuL you undersLund Lhe Iunguuge und how IL
exucLIy InIIuences peopIe`s buyIng behuvIors. ¡L Is ImporLunL LhuL you know whIch words
ure sLrong, und whIch words ure weuk, und whIch words shouId be uvoIded uL uII cosLs.
However Lhere ure pIenLy oI wuys In whIch u sILe cun be mude more uppeuIIng wILhouL
huvIng Lo use gruphIcs und unImuLed gIIs.
1. By IormuLLIng Lhe LexL on u puge, you cun breuk up Iurge chunks oI
InIormuLIon. So wherever possIbIe, use buIIeLIng, numberIng, emboIdened
LexL, coIored LexL eLc., In order Lo muke ImporLunL InIormuLIon sLund ouL.
z. Breuk up your purugruphs InLo eusIIy dIgesLIbIe pIeces oI InIormuLIon. ThIs
wIII heIp Lo muke your conLenL sLund ouL more. ¡L wIII uIso heIp Lo muke Lhose
ImporLunL IucLs or secLIons sLund ouL more uIso.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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¸. AL uII LImes, reIruIn Irom uddIng Lwo spuces uILer euch IuII sLop. NoL onIy wIII
you suve LIme, you wIII uIso suve spuce uIso.
q. AL Lhe end oI euch purugruph, muke sure LhuL you press Lhe reLurn key LwIce
und do Lhe sume uILer euch secLIon LILIe.
¡I, however, you need Lo wrILe Iong copy, Lhen IL Is ImporLunL LhuL you shouId use some oI
Lhe IoIIowIng IormuLLIng ruIes.
1. Keep Lhe coIumn wIdLh reusonubIy nurrow. The humun eye IInds IL more
dIIIIcuIL Lo Lruck Irom Lhe end oI one IIne Lo Lhe begInnIng oI Lhe nexL II Lhe
coIumn Is wIde.
z. Use pIenLy oI subheuds, us LhIs heIps Lhose who wouId ruLher jusL scun u puge
beIore Lhey commIL Lo ucLuuIIy reudIng Lhe whoIe LhIng. These subheudIngs
shouId Ieud your vIsILor Lhrough Lhe key poInLs.
¸. ¡ndenL uny key eIemenLs In your copy. ThIs wIII heIp Lo udd emphusIs where IL
Is needed. ¡L uIso heIps Lo breuk up un oLherwIse scury bIock oI LexL. So, Lhe
Ionger Lhe copy on Lhe puge, Lhe more ImporLunL IL Is Ior you Lo use sub
heuders und IndenLs.
As you cun see IormuLLIng Is essenLIuI Lo uny good copy.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter B -
Get u Heudline thut Grubs
The home puge oI uny sILe Is Lhe key web puge, especIuIIy II IL Is where you wunL u person
Lo Luke some ucLIon, such us buyIng someLhIng or subscrIbIng Lo someLhIng.
So, one oI Lhe greuL wuys oI buIIdIng momenLum, und uIso IncreusIng Lhe number oI
peopIe who ucL on LhIs, Is by creuLIng some urgency. There ure muny dIIIerenLwuys In
whIch LhIs urgency cun be creuLed, und beIow ure jusL u Iew:
1. ProvIde Lhem wILh un oIIer Ior u IImILed perIod oI LIme.
z. OIIer IImILed suppIIes oI u purLIcuIur producL.
¸. OIIer Lhem seusonuI specIuIs.
q. Why noL oIIer Lhem u Iree gIIL when Lhey subscrIbe or puy Ior u purLIcuIur ILem.
¸. DuIIy deuIs - LhIs Is u greuL wuy oI brIngIng In cusLomers.
However, jusL u word oI cuuLIon when usIng Lhese Lypes oI LucLIcs: ¡L Is ImporLunL LhuL
you ure boLh credIbIe und honesL wILh Lhe vIsILors Lo your sILe. So IIyou ure suyIng LhuL
un oIIer expIres on u purLIcuIur duLe or uL u purLIcuIur LIme, Lhen muke sure LhuL IL does.
JusL ImugIne how bud IL wouId Iook II someone cume buck Lo your sILe Lhe duy uILer, onIy
Lo IInd Lhe oIIer sLIII In pIuce.
BuL Lhere ure oLher wuys In whIch you cun ImpIy urgency on your sILe. You couId show u
puge wILh Lhe prIces, und LhuL Lhey ure Lhe besL prIces Lo be Iound on Lhe web us uL LhuL
LIme. WILh LhIs meLhod you ure noL provIdIng u LIme IImIL or u IImIL on how much oI Lhe
producL Is uvuIIubIe. BuL by usIng u LIme sLump, you ure uIso ImpIyIng LhuL Lhe prIces on
Lhese producLs couId Increuse uL uny LIme.
The whoIe Ideu oI LhIs meLhod Is so LhuL you geL peopIe movIng. So Lhose who wouId
normuIIy be sILLIng on Lhe Ience wIII ucLuuIIy do someLhIng und muke LhuL uII ImporLunL
BuL ubove uII, you cun seII wILh urgency us Iong us you do IL wILh InLegrILy, or you muy do
more dumuge Lhun good.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter q -
How to Go About Writing u Heudline
So jusL how you go ubouL wrILIng u greuL heudIIne? ¡L`s quILe sImpIe reuIIy. WhuL you
need Lo do Is spend Iess LIme sLressIng ubouL how Lo wrILe your heudIIne, und more LIme
on IIgurIng ouL whuL IL shouId suy.
Even II you suy Lhe wrong LhIng beuuLIIuIIy, IL Is noL goIng Lo do you unygood, buL II you
huppen Lo suy Lhe rIghL LhIng wILh poor wordIng, Lhen LhIs wIII heIp you much beLLer In
Lhe Iong run.
UnIorLunuLeIy, Lhere ure pIenLy oI copywrILers ouL Lhere Loduy who wIII gIve wuy Lo LheIr
own egos. These ure Lhe Lypes who wunL Lo show everybody eIse whuL wonderIuIIy
LuIenLed copywrILers Lhey ure. So, IL Is ImporLunL LhuL you puL your ego usIde und spend
LIme decIdIng whuL your heudIIne Is goIng Lo suy.
So just how do you know whut to suy?
¡L Is more ImporLunL LhuL you Iocus your mInd on Lhe desIres und wunLs oI your LurgeL
uudIence, ruLher Lhun on eILher Lhe producL or servIce LhuL you ure LryIng Lo seII.
Why use hundreds oI words when 1 or z wIII suIIIce? ¡L shouId uIso be deepIy engugIng,
InLeresLIng so LhuL IL excILes LhoseLhuL come Lo your sILe. ¡L shouId ucLuuIIy muke Lhem
sIL up und suy ¨yes¨ Lo whuL you ure oIIerIng.
So II you keep uII oI LhIs In mInd, Lhen you ure on your wuy Lo producIng u greuL heudIIne.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter 1o -
Test the Tone oI Your Heudlines
When wrILIng uny copy, IL Is ImporLunL LhuL Lhe heudIIne you huve uL Lhe Lop wIII seL Lhe
Lone Ior your whoIe sILe. ¡n IucL, LhIs Is Lhe mosL powerIuI LexL on uny puge.
So II IL shouId IuII Lo do whuL Is requIred oI IL, Lhen nobody Is IIkeIy Lo even boLher
reudIng Lhe body LexL. BuL no muLLer how muny LImes you wrILe und Lhen rewrILe Lhe
muIn heudIng Ior u puge, you shouId LesL IL.
The besL wuy oI doIng LhIs Is by wrILIng Lhe besL heudIIne you cun uL IIrsL, und Lhen wrILe
some uILernuLIves InsLeud. There ure pIenLy oI servIces on Lhe web, such us VerLsLer.com,
whIch cun heIp you Lo LesL Ior Lhe wInner.
The heudIIne on uny web puge Is Lhe key Lo engugIng boLh Lhe uLLenLIon und InLeresL oI
Lhe vIsILors Lo LhuL sILe. ¡L onIy Lukes u Iew seIecLed words, whIch cunresuIL In u huge
ImpucL on puge conversIon ruLes.
So keep LesLIng whuL you huve wILh uILernuLIves unLII you IInd Lhe rIghL one.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter 11 -
Muke Your Text Links Look the Sume
DurIng Lhe very eurIy duys oI Lhe web you wouId IInd uII Lhe LexLIInks were boLh bIue und
underIIned. Even Loduy, LhIs sLIII hoIds Lrue.jusL Luke u Iook uL GoogIe, eBuy, Yuhoo or
MSN, und uII LheIr IInks ure bIue, und ure eILher underIIned, or become underIIned when
Lhe cursor Is pIuced over Lhem.
BuL jusL whuL Is Lhe poInL oI LhIs? When vIsILors ure IIrsL enLerIng uny sILe, Lhey ure
expecLIng Lhe IInks Iook IIke LhIs. Remember, IL Is ImporLunL LhuL uny vIsILors Lo u sILe
cun IIgure our how IL works In order Lo geL Lo Lhe puges Lhey ure InLeresLed In Lhe mosL.
So one eIemenL In LhIs process Is Ior Lhem Lo IIgure ouL whuL LexL IInks Iook IIke. So II
yours ure bIue und underIIned, Lhen you huve noLhIng Lo worry ubouL, us everyone wIII
know whuL Lhey ure.
BuL II yours huppen Lo be orunge und underIIned, Lhen u new vIsILor wIII huve Lo spend
LIme IIgurIng ouL jusL where your IInks ure. BuL II your IInks ure jusL orunge, Lhen Lhey
wIII need even Ionger Lo work IL ouL.
UnIorLunuLeIy, Lhere ure Loo muny sILes ouL Lhere Loduy whIch huve no seL uppeurunce Lo
LheIr LexL IInks. Some muy be underIIned, oLhers muy noL, some muy be bIue, und oLhers
muy be orunge. ¡n some cuses, Lhey muy be boId und oLhers noL. So now you ure geLLIng
Lhe pIcLure.
¡I you do noL provIde your vIsILors wILh u unIIormed Iook Lo your LexL IInks, you`re
pIucIng u huge burden on Lhem. ThIs Is becuuse IL mukes IL sIgnIIIcunLIy KDUGHUIRU
Lhem Lo geL where Lhey wunL Lo be, und IInd whuL Lhey need.
Where Lhe web Is concerned, peopIe`s InLeresL In u cerLuIn subjecL cun vunIsh In un
InsLunL. So you need Lo IIgure ouL wuys In whIch you cun mInImIze Lhe ¨Ioss oI LheIr
uLLenLIon¨. The onIy reuIIy sImpIe wuy LhuL LhIs cun be uchIeved Is by mukIng sure LhuL
uII your LexL IInks ure ImmedIuLeIy recognIzubIe, whIch Isn`L dIIIIcuIL Lo uccompIIsh uL uII.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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Chupter 1± -
He Positive Irom Heginning to Ind
When sLurLIng uny copywrILIng, IL Is ImporLunL LhuL you ure posILIve Irom Lhe begInnIng
Lo Lhe end.
You need Lo grub LheIr uLLenLIon uL Lhe begInnIng, und muke Lhem wunL more when Lhey
huve IInIshed. ¡L Is vILuIIy ImporLunL LhuL you use your besL muLerIuI uL boLh Lhe
begInnIng und end oI your work.
So II you produce u weuk IInIsh, Lhen your cusLomers wIII wuIk uwuy IeeIIng
dIsuppoInLed. They wIII uIso huve IorgoLLen Lhe sLrong openIng LhuL you hud produced, us
weII us Lhe greuL sLuII LhuL IoIIowed uILer. AII Lhey wIII ever remember Is whuL u IeL down
Lhe end wus.
So, jusL how do you uppIy LhIs Lo wrILIng copy Ior Lhe web?
WhuL you shouId do Is Lo LhInk oI your web puge us u sLory, show or perIormunceLhuL
you ure presenLIng. ¡L Is ImporLunL LhuL you LhInk ubouL Lhe sLrucLure, und uny messuges
you ure presenLIng on your web puges In order Lo huve LhuL uII ImporLunL sLronger
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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ApurL Irom Lhe IundumenLuIs oI good wrILIng, ImpeccubIe speIIIng, good grummur und
puncLuuLIon wIII go u Iong wuys In copywrILIng. The mosL ImporLunL LhIng ubouL
producIng good copywrILIng Ior Lhe web Is ubouL grubbIng, us weII us keepIng, Lhe
person`s uLLenLIon, und In Lhe end geLLIng Lhe resuIL LhuL youwunL.
Such resuILs muy be u suIe, or IL muy jusL be un InquIry. WhuL couId be more
encourugIng Lo someone who Is jusL sLurLIng ouL on un onIIne busIness Lhen Lo huve
someone sIgn up Ior LheIr newsIeLLer, or LhuL Lhey provIde InIormuLIon reIuLIng Lo
The muIn Iocus In order Lo produce eIIecLIve copywrILIng Is us IoIIows: -
1. Keep IL shorL und snuppy.
z. Be InIormuLIve buL IrIendIy.
¸. Be pussIonuLe ubouL whuL you ure wrILIng on - buL do noL muke IL In Lo u
compIeLe suIes pILch.
q. Muke sure LhuL you uIm IL specIIIcuIIy uL your LurgeL uudIence.
¸. Be uwure uL uII LImes oI seurch engInes.
WhIIe IengLhy deLuIIs reIuLIng Lo your compuny`s hIsLory und sLuLemenLs ure undoubLedIy
InLeresLIng Ior Lhose LhuL ure InvoIved, IL Is ImporLunL Lo remember LhuL Lhose who ure
reudIng your sILe ure noL LryIng Lo be seIIIsh; Lhey jusL wunL Lo know whuL Lhe beneIILs oI
your producL ure Lo Lhem. So muke sure LhuL you Iocus on LhIs In your copy.
Remember LhuL uII Lhe puges oI your sILe ure ImporLunL, buL Lhe home puge Is Lhe one
where peopIe wIII geL LheIr IIrsL ImpressIon oI you. So IL Is vILuI you Luke purLIcuIur cure
when producIng LhIs puge.
So muke sure LhuL your web puges ure wrILLen IIrsL und IoremosL Ior your vIsILors, und
noL Ior you.
However, II seurch engIne runkIngs ure ImporLunL Lo you, Lhen muke sure LhuL euch puge
Is Iocused uround u purLIcuIur keyword phruse. ThIs shouId be u phruse whIch you
wouId IIke Lo be Iound by u poLenLIuI vIsILor seurchIng Ior your producL or servIce usIng u
seurch engIne.
BuL II you wunL Lo reuIIy do someLhIng LhuL wIII consIsLenLIy Increuse Lhe number oI
vIsILors Lo your sILe; you wIII need Lo udd more conLenL. So muke IL u hubIL Lo udd more
conLenL puges Lo your sILe reguIurIy.
By doIng LhIs u number oI good LhIngs wIII occur.
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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1. BoLh new vIsILors und subscrIbers wIII know LhuL Lhey huve someLhIng new Lo
Iook Iorwurd Lo when Lhey come Lo your sILe. So In oLher words, Lhey know IL
Is ImporLunL LhuL Lhey keep reLurnIng Lo your sILe. ThIs onIy heIps Lo Increuse
Lhe vuIue oI your sILe In Lhe seurch engIne runkIngs us weII.
z. Euch new puge you IncIude muy be Indexed by GoogIe und Lhe oLher mujor
seurch engInes, und wIII be IIsLed on LheIr resuILs puges. AIso, by LukIng u
IILLIe LIme In reseurchIng reIevunL keywords und keyword phruses, you wIII be
opLImIzIng Lhese new puges, whIch In Lurn wIII uchIeve u much hIgher puge
runk IIsLIng.
¸. By uddIng more new conLenL puges, suy z Lo ¸ LImes euch week, Lhen GoogIe
und Lhe oLher seurch engInes wIII Luke noLe oI LhIs. ThIs wIII resuIL In Lhem
consLunLIy evuIuuLIng your sILe.
AILhough LhIs Is noL u greuL wuy Lo creuLe u sudden Increuse In Lhe LruIIIc Lo your sILe, IL Is
u greuL wuy Lo ensure u sLeudy growLh oI LruIIIc und vIsILors Lo IL InsLeud.
¡ncIudIng Iresh conLenL Lo your sILe noL onIy udds vuIue, buL uIso Increuses Lhe umounL oI
seurch LruIIIc LhuL IL wIII receIve.
So us Iong us you Luke LIme over producIng Lhe besL copywrILIng Ior Lhe web LhuL you cun,
you shouId hopeIuIIy succeed In uchIevIng your gouIs.
WeII LhuL wus IL. ¡ hope you huveIeurned someLhIng new In LhIs new GuIde.
Good luck with your Iuture online ventures und your copywriting on the
MIchueI Muyhew
A GuIde on Lhe BusIcs oI CopywrILIng Ior Lhe Web
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And II you ure InLeresLed In geLLIng PrIvuLe ¡ubeI RIghLs Lo vIdeos, Lhen joIn LhIs sILe.

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