PFS 35-John F. Kennedy

Name: Siwon Kim #: 35 President: John F.

Kennedy Term of Office: 1961-1963

Significant facts: Directly below each category, list the most important fact that occurred under this president’s term. In the box, list all relevant events, treaties, acts, etc. that occurred under during this term. Political • • • • • • • • • • Social • • • Economic • • • • • • • • • Foreign Affairs

Stronger cold war politics Civil rights effort New domestic policy-the “New Frontier” Large uprising of minority rights

Stronger Civil Rights effort Rise of Civil Rights groups and organizations Promising an end to racial discrimination Presidential Commission on the Status of Women Rise of SCLC and NAACP Assassinated

Prosperous growth of US Increase in GDP and living standards First non-recession deficit

Vienna Summit of 1961 Cold War Brink of war with the Soviet Union Cuban Missile Crisis Bay of Pigs Invasion Containment in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic Peace Corps Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Mediator in IranIsrael Crisis

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