Name: Siwon Kim #: 43 President: George W.

Bush Term of Office: 2001-2009

Significant facts: Directly below each category, list the most important fact that occurred under this president’s term. In the box, list all relevant events, treaties, acts, etc. that occurred under during this term. Political • • • • • • • • • • Social • • • • Economic • • • • • • • • Foreign Affairs

Tax-payer favored policies Environmental and educational reforms Veto of Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act

Medicare Act of 2003 Supporting health care and education Clear Skies Act of 2003 Hurricane Katrina Midterm dismissal of US attorneys Assassination attempt 9/11 Crisis

Tax cut program Expectancy of large federal surplus “Tax should be returned to tax payers” Longest post WW II Recession-especially the value of housing dropped

Encouraged China to join WTO 9/11 Crisis War on Terror War on Taliban US-India Civil Nuclear Agreement Afghanistan War Iraq War Condemnation of North Korea

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