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Chapter 6=Nuclear Energy
1)Nucleus of atoms that are unstable decays by emitting radioactive particles.In doing so they become more stable. 2)Substances composed of such atoms are called radioactive substances. 3)There are three types of radiations namely,the α-particle(alpha),the β-particle(beta) and γ-ray(gamma). 4)The radiation process is both random and spontaneous. 5)The a-particle and b-particle can be deflected by both an electric and magnetic fields. Direction of deflection ▀ α-particle=positive charged ▀β-particle=negatively charged ▀ γ-particle does not undergo any deflection indicating that it is neutral. 6)These radioactive particles can be detected using a Geiger-Mueller(GM) tubeor cloud chambers. 7)The particles are energetic and hence are penetrative and cause innization to the particles that lie along their path. ▀α-particle=most energetic =highest ionization power but the least penetrative power. ▀γ-ray=most penetrative but has the lowest ionization power. 8)Radioisotopes are atoms of the same element in which the neutron numbers are different and are radioactive. )Nuclear energy=rich source of energy which can be alternative to fossil fuels such as oil.It can be obtained Through nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. 11)Nuclear Fusion=Takes place when two light nuclei combine to form a bigger nucleus.

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