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XYZ International School

Time: - 10 mins




Marks: - 10

A. Chose the correct following.


1. Air belongs to which State of matter?

a. Liquid
b. Gas
c. Solid

2. What is the shape of air?

a. Square
b. Triangle
c. No shape

3. Which of the following proves that air is present?

a. Moving of a fan
b. A book kept on the table
c. Glass of water

4. What will happen when u prick an inflated balloon with a pin?

a. Air remains inside the balloon
b. Air escapes into the atmosphere
c. Shape of the balloon remains the same

B. Write down any 3 examples to show that air is present around us.
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________

C. State if the following sentence is true or false


1. Air is in the shape of a rectangle

Ans: - ______________
2. Air occupies space.
Ans: - _______________