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GLOBE HOUSE 37 BERMONDSEY STREET SE1 3JW BVAG.NET Mr Ian McNally Planning Casework Team Department for Communities and Local Government !Zone 1/C4 Eland House! Bressenden Place !London SW1E 5DU BY HAND 13 December 2010

Dear Mr McNally I enclose a copy of a letter to the Secretary of State relating to a planning application presently with The Mayor of London for consideration. A decision is required from the Mayor by Wednesday of this week as to whether to approve the consent granted by Southwark Council at a Planning Committee meeting held on 30 November. We have serious doubts not just about the wisdom but also the propriety of Southwark Councils decision to approve the proposal and we write asking the Secretary of State to call-in the application. It does appear that such consideration of call-in should be given as a matter of policy as a consequence of the objections from Historic Royal Palaces and English Heritage in relation to impact on the Tower of London, World Heritage Site. Yours sincerely

Russell Gray