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Member Trail Guide Grades 4 to 6 Light

What is the role of energy in our world? Children in Grades 4 to 6 should understand that Objects that block light traveling from a source produce shadows. The shape, length, direction and clarity of a shadow depend on the shape and position of the object. Light interacts with objects in various ways; it can be reflected off the object, absorbed by the object, or refracted through the object. Light travels in straight paths away from a source of illumination in all directions until it hits an object. Some sources of illumination produce their own light (for example, the sun, fire, light bulb); other sources of illumination reflect light produced by something else (for example, the moon or a mirror). Objects that have flat, smooth surfaces reflect light and produce a mirror-like image. Objects that have curved or uneven surfaces scatter the reflected light and produce distorted or blurry images.

At this age children should be able to Provide evidence that light travels in straight lines away from a source in all directions. Contrast the way light is reflected by a smooth, shiny object (e.g. mirror or pool of water) and how light is reflected by other objects Determine whether a material is opaque, transparent or translucent based on how light passes through it.

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