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Step 1 (download software)

1) Please download this software framework

2) Download VPN software 2.1.1 (latest version) (32bit & 64bit)

Step 2 (install software) take note! Make sure that antivirus and firewall OFF using windows 7 3) Install using run administrator. Go to the software that u have being downloa ded and right click and click on run administrator. 4) The download will take time. Please be patient (^ _ ^) Using windows xp 5) Click 2 times and press Extract 6) The download will take time. Please be patient (^ _ ^) Step 3 (update tap) 7) first disconnect your broadband 8) Open the VPN if it is not open 9) Win7 and Vista MUST be run using an administrator. Right click on the icon an d run administrator 10) WinXP click double click only

11) then go to settings tool optional 12) click delete tap and install tap 13) disable NetBIOS Step 4 (disable NetBIOS)

take note ... even though the option has a setting to disable NetBIOS .. why we use the manual way .. safely .. 14) go to network and sharing center 15) click on your internet connection (Maxis, Celcom, p1) 16) click properties internet protocol version 4a properties advanced

17) check whether the NETBIOS is disabled or not 18) if not click the disable Take notes to all user. Every time you want to connect to the VPN you need to ma ke a Disable NetBIOS. 19) Restart pc Step 5 (run Moonlight VPN) 20) disconnect your broadband first 21) Click on the icon using the administrator to run win7 and vista users 22) To the users double click xp click je 23) Connect broadband 24) before connect VPN DNS Flush required to remove the stubborn effects 25) to flush dns go optionl setting tool flush DNS 26) connect VPN Step 6 (using server) server type premium (streaming surf) download (for download and surf) UDP port Maxis maxis bb & pre (maxis users) Celcom celcom bb 1.2 & pre1, 2 (Celcom users) Mas 1,2,3 (p1 and maxis and celcom) Server Select which and where I is the fastest ping the fastest server take note .. torrent server will end when the next vesion VPN is release.

If got any problem install teamview / download / TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe

and make an appointment with reseller

Support by WONG WEI YE