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Respected Sir, I am R.Parimala Msc ,B Ed. ,M Phil. (Physics). Class teacher of grade 5, in The Study Lecole Internationale.

I wanted to let you know that at the time of joining(7th June 2010), I had 3 years of experience in handling higher secondary. I have sent 2 sets of students for their board examinations and I showed very good result. At present Im handling the subject of physics for 9th and 10th and Im given 5th and 6th mathematics. At the time of my interview with my principal Mrs.Alice kisku(3rd June 2010), I was given assurance that I will be given my subject physics to handle higher secondary when the school is upgraded for higher secondary level. But now I came to know that the management is not willing to give me the Physics subject for higher secondary level and planning to give this chance for new comer Shinsy the one without B.Ed .and I will be degraded to level 5th and 6th mathematics only. As per the government rules, higher authorities, and the teachers cannot be appointed without their M Ed. Or B Ed qualification in schools. But in our institution some teachers without B Ed qualification are favored for higher secondary level and present 10th STD. As the management of this institution is not respecting B. Ed., and Experienced Teachers, I am not willing to continue my service in this institution for the next academic year (from April 2012). I am working for my career and not for time pass. I experienced a lot of mental stress and mental agony by this administration. I can prove my strength and involvement with full dedication only to the institution where my career is respected In such a stressful atmosphere, I am not willing to continue my service for the next academic year. So I kindly request you to accept my unwillingness letter. I will be grateful to you for the opportunity given to me (from 7th June 2010 to 31st March 2012), to get a very different experience.

Warm Regards, R.Parimala Msc, B Ed., M Phil. (Physics).