This next part is a long puzzle game was such a pain in the ass that the game ma kers

should be shot for it. To get through without having to fight another Azi D ahaka jump on the platform to the left and ride the stone up. Hop over to the ri ght and the notes So, Me* and Ra* are played. Go to the next stone on the right and you will go for another ride. From here hop across to the small stone and th en the stone on the right to hear Do* and Ti. Make your way back down to the sav e sphere the same way to got up there and this time take the platform to the rig ht of it. Ride the platform to the next one which will be to your left and up a bit. When you jump on it, it will zoom across to a larger platform. Hop over to it and it will play La. Once again make your way all the way back down to the sa ve sphere and hop on the platform to the left. Ride it until it stops and then j ump left and then north to go for a lift up. Jump right and you will hear So. Ju mp back to the left where you just were and it will take you up some more. Jump over to the platform with the chest and open it to get two Mega-Phoenix. He ad north to the platform there to hear Fa and Mi. Jump back to the chest platfor m and left to the platform there to go for a ride down. Jump to the platform to the south of you and then jump back onto the platform you just jumped off of to go for a ride back up. Jump left and then south and you will hear the note Fa. J ump south and to the right two platforms and you will be able to reach the Save Sphere. Do so and then hit the platform to the right of the sphere Ride it up to the two platforms and hop on the lower one, not the platform you j umped on earlier. Ride it up to a larger platform which will play So and Do when you step on it. From there hop over to the left to the main platform and it wil l play the notes you picked up in order. If you did it correctly, you will pass through the gates with no quarrel. If you messed up the notes, well you're in fo r a tough fight with the Azi Dahaka. After you play the right notes, the gate wi ll fall and you can pass through. Head down to the save sphere below before you go ahead and save. After you save, head back up and pass through the gate and fo llow the path to the end. After a really long scene, you are in the final show d own with Vegnagun. Everyone splits up and decides to take out a part of its body . The girls get to tackle the tail.

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