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Book of Souls V2

Book of Souls V2

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Published by Deren Drake
A Netbook for the Ravenloft and Gothic Earth settings | | Extra information conversions and assorted useful stuff for Ravenloft game setting
A Netbook for the Ravenloft and Gothic Earth settings | | Extra information conversions and assorted useful stuff for Ravenloft game setting

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Published by: Deren Drake on Apr 20, 2012
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Game Statistics Unknown

he Mysterious Stranger is an NPC who
shows up to put the heroes on the right
track, to provide vital clues, and
occasionally to thwart them when their
interests don’t meet his own. Sometimes
he is seen as a help, sometimes as a
hindrance. The heroes do not know his name, and assume
that he is a man (but could be a woman, or not even
human!). He has an uncanny ability to avoid the heroes
confronting him directly (they will never corner him and
“unmask” him). They can never find out anything about
him. For example, if they ask a hotel desk clerk, “did you
see a man in a dark hat and cape go upstairs to our
rooms?”, the desk person will deny ever having seen the
Mysterious Stranger enter the building.
The Mysterious Stranger will at first leave the heroes
notes, send them mail, and wire them telegrams. They
may even see a mysterious figure leaving their building
that they can never catch if they decide to chase him.
They only catch brief glimpses of what appears to be a
man in a black hat and cape. Later on in the campaign,
they may get to talk to him briefly, and receive
information he wishes to pass on. He will always
approach the heroes and initiate the contact. They will
never find him if they try to look, or get instructions from
him to meet him somewhere.
If The Mysterious Stranger wishes to find them, he
will. When he approaches them in person, it will always
be in some dark, abandoned, or deserted area. He will
always seem to vanish into the fog, disappearing without
a trace, when he has finished his business with them.
Something will distract the heroes attention while they are

talking to him, a sound in the distance that breaks the
silence, for example, and when they turn their attention
back to the Mysterious Stranger, they find that he has
disappeared. If the heroes state that they will deliberately
keep their attention on him, then a fog cloud appears or a
mist from the sea will suddenly obstruct their view and he
will make his escape, or perhaps the lights will suddenly
go out. When the heroes do meet The Mysterious
Stranger face-to-face, the details of his face will never be
clear—the brim of his hat will shadow his face for

The Mysterious Stranger can be used as a tool to fix
things in play by the Dungeon Master, but should not be
distracting from the main adventure. He is not necessary
in every adventure. He can make a planned appearance in
an adventure as a plot device, or be spontaneously added
to the plot if the heroes are just not getting some vital
piece of the adventure puzzle (and the Dungeon Master
feels particularly generous.) The Mysterious Stranger
seems to know much more about the heroes than they
know of him. Possible identities for the Mysterious
Stranger: Sir Lancelot as some undead (or cursed to live
forever) trying to right wrongs that lead to his demise and
current state; The Prince of Wales (Edward); Mycroft
Holmes or other representative of the Diogenes Club; a
werebear loner (chaotic good) who fears discovery of
either himself or his clan of true lycanthropes and death at
the hands of those who might assume all lycanthropes are
evil; a fiend trapped on Gothic Earth; A fallen angel
(deva aasimon) trapped on Gothic Earth; other. Player
character speculation as to the identity of the Mysterious
Stranger might be fun to role play.





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