Chapter 28 – Sources of Magnetism

...magnetic field due to a straight wire

Chapter 26 –DC Circuits

…where (L) = segment length

Va - Vb = E – Ir
r = int. Resist. Va-Vb = Terminal V

...force between 2 // wires ...Ampere’s Law
in series length in parallel


...where n = N/l , number of loops/ unit

E = IR +Q/C

... Toroid where N = number of coils
…Biot-Savart Law

...discharging RC

Chapter 27 –Magnetism

Fmax = I( l x B )

…Magnetic Intensity (only for free currents) ...electic current in a magnetic … permeability given susceptibility Xm …given magnetic intensity and permeability

F = I l Bsinθ Fmax = q ( v x B ) ...electric charge moving in
magnetic field

Chapter 29 – Electromagnetic Induction and
Faraday’s Law

F = qvBsinθ F = q(E + v x B) ...electric charge moving in
presence of both E/B …assuming uniform B

τ = NI A x B τ=µxB

...torque where, magnetic dipole moment

µ =NIA

Eind Eind = Blv E = NBA

…induced emf …emf WRT velocity

drift velocity

…Hall Electric Field, where vd =

Eout = NBAω

... use for AC generators

… density of charge carriers where A = area, I = current


... use with

Ip Vp = Is Vs …primary power = secondary power
(Transformers) …mass spectrometry

then along B Thumb points in direction of the force F Kirchhoff’s Rules: 1) At any junction point. then bend along Magnetic field B Fingers point in direction of B Force on Electric Current I due to magnetic Field Thumb points in direction of the force F Force on electric charge +q due to magnetic field Fingers point along particle’s velocity v. the sum of all currents entering the junction must equal the sum of all currents leaving the junction Constants Lenz’s Law A current produced by an induced emf moves in a direction so that the magnetic field created by that current opposes the original change in flux or .…Faraday’s Law Magnetic Field produced by current Wrap fingers around wire with thumb pointing direction of current I Fingers point straight along current I.

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