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Getting Started With DB2 Express v9.7 p4

Getting Started With DB2 Express v9.7 p4

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Published by: ndbelman on Apr 20, 2012
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Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the underlying technology for Web 2.0 tools and
techniques, as well as for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). IBM recognized early on
the importance of XML, and large investments were made to deliver pureXML technology --
a technology that provides for better storage support XML documents in DB2.

Introduced in 2006, DB2 9 is a hybrid data server: it allows native storage of relational data,
as well as hierarchical data. While previous versions of DB2 and other data servers in the
marketplace could store XML documents, the storage method used in DB2 9 has improved
performance and flexibility. With DB2 9's pureXML technology, XML documents are stored
internally in a parsed hierarchical manner, as a tree; therefore, working with XML
documents is greatly enhanced. Newer releases of DB2 such as DB2 9.5 and DB2 9.7
have further improved the support for pureXML. Chapter 15, DB2 pureXML is devoted to
this subject in detail.

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