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Getting Started With DB2 Express v9.7 p4

Getting Started With DB2 Express v9.7 p4

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Formerly known as WebSphere Information Integrator (for federation support), the
WebSphere Federation Server allows for federation of databases, meaning that you can
run database queries that can work with objects from different relational database systems.
For example, if you buy WebSphere Federation Server, you can run the query shown in
Listing 2.1 below.


FROM Oracle.Table1 A

DB2.Table2 B

SQLServer.Table3 C


A.col1 < 100

and B.col5 = 1000

and C.col2 = 'Test'

Listing 2.1 - A federated query

Figure 2.6 provides an illustration where WebSphere Federation Server is used.

Chapter 2 – Related features and products 41

Figure 2.6 – InfoSphere Federation Server

For relational database management systems that are part of the IBM family, federation
support is built into DB2 Express-C. This means that the WebSphere Federation Server
product is not required when, for example, you want to run a query between two different
DB2 databases, or between one DB2 database and an Informix database (Informix is part
of the IBM family).

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