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BISAC UNDER 17 BOYS BADMINTON TOURNAMENT Venue: NIST Date: Saturday 28th April 2012

PROGRAMME The tournament will be run with one pool of five teams and one of four teams with subsequent cross over semi finals, play offs for 3rd and 4th place and final. Pools Pool A
International Community School (1) Ruamrudee International School (4) Shrewsbury International School (5) Bangkok Patana School (7)

Pool B
International School of Bangkok (2) New International School Thailand (3) Harrow International School (5) American School of Bangkok (7) Thai Chinese International School (9)

Approx. Time 07.30am 08.00am 09.00am 10.00am 11.00am 12.00am 01.00pm 02.00pm 03.00pm

Court 1- 4 ICS Vs SHB RIS Vs BPS ICS Vs BPS RIS Vs SHB ICS Vs RIS BPS Vs SHB Semi Final 1 (SF1) Winner Pool A v 2nd Pool B Final Winner SF 1 v Winner SF2

Courts 5 - 8 Registration ISB Vs ASB NIST Vs HIS ASB Vs TCIS HIS V ISB HIS Vs TCIS NIST Vs HIS Semi Final 2 (SF2) Winner Pool B v 2nd Pool A 3rd /4th Place Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 Presentations




Rubbers will comprise 5 games - 3 singles and 2 doubles, each game being best of 3 sets to 21 points scoring rally point to IBF laws. Each match in pool play will be allocated 4 courts The order of play will be Doubles 1, Doubles 2, followed by Singles 1, Singles 2 & Singles 3

All IBF rules and regulations are in force with the variations outlined in the BISAC Constitution. Players will be seeded by their own coaches, and equivalent seedings paired up for matches. It is stressed that this system depends upon the integrity of the coaches in ranking their own players. Seeding will be finalised at the Coaches Meeting, and must be adhered to throughout the duration of the tournament.

Final standings will be determined by win-loss record, not the result of each rubber. Tie-breaker in the event of : 1. two teams gaining equal points at the end of the Pool - Head to Head, 2. three or more teams i) Game differential against tied teams; ii) Set differential against tied teams; iii) Point differential against tied teams. TEAM DECLARATIONS Please complete team declarations and return to NIST before Saturday 28th April. TOURNAMENT FEES Please pay 3,000 baht per school upon registration. REFRESHMENTS Food and beverages will be available for purchase outside the NIST Canteen throughout the day.