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Published by: Tien H. Wong on Apr 21, 2012
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Have the students take note of the frame types in the graphic and the definitions in the text
frame. The most important issue here is that wireless is an unbounded media. The medium is
the air in which the microwaves travel. It is a shared medium open to anyone with microwave
receivers or detectors. The security of signals is of primary importance and concern. Some
students who are apartment dwellers may have the experience of detecting signals from other
wireless systems in the apartment complex. At times, unintended access to an Internet
connection may be obtainable. The Cisco headquarters located in San Jose, California has a
wide street in the campus, where a light rail train runs through the middle. Insecure wireless
connections are available on the train.

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CCNA 1: Networking Basics v3.1 Instructor Guide – Module 3

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