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Mr Abdulhadi Al Khawaja C/O BDF Hospital, Al Maasker Street, West Riffa, 28743, Bahrain.


Dear Mr Al Khawaja,

We have never met but I hope one day in the free Bahrain we will. I truly believe that day will come soon and because of people like yourself who stand up for the basic rights currently denied to the people of Bahrain it will come sooner than later. I will be honoured to shake your hand. It was through your daughter Maryam that I really started to learn the truth about the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain. This was back in 2008 when my husband Dr Mike Diboll taught her at UoB. She caught his attention as an outstanding student even then and he brought home a speech she had written about the years of oppression that many Bahrainis had been struggling against. Until then, I was quite ignorant of what had been going on; expats, as you well know, are shielded from the truth through the national media and pro regime talk often bandied about in the clubs and bars on the island.

We had to leave Bahrain in 2011. Mike was working at UoB and having witnessed what happened on the 13th March last year, he could no longer work there in support of the regime. I have heard that we cannot enter Bahrain again. I miss my friends, I miss the island but I know one day we will return to a better Bahrain. Watching what is happening in Bahrain from my home in the UK is a daily painful process. However, I am so proud to have lived in a country where its people are so steadfast and strong against the oppression and dictatorship they face. It is especially painful to watch your struggle, to watch how the regime are treating you. Yet, you do not give up. Your courage is immense and your name will resonate through history, not only in Bahrain but internationally too. Sir, you have my upmost respect as do your daughters Maryam and Zainab and your wife Khadija.

Warm Wishes from Brighton, UK, Mrs Miranda Diboll