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Housekeeping Management Quiz

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The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations 1. Classifying hotels in relation to __________ provides the best measure of the work performed by a housekeeping staff. a. location b. service level c. size d. chain affiliation 2. During which hours of the day does the executive housekeeper have to schedule additional room attendants to provide turndown service for guests? a. 7 A.M. to 9 A.M. b. 11 A.M. to noon c. 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. d. 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. The general manager of a hotel generally reports to: a. the manager-on duty. b. the resident manager. c. the executive committee. d. the owner. Which of the following areas of a hotel is not a revenue center? a. front office department b. housekeeping department c. food and beverage department d. hotel-operated gift shop Which of the following hotel departments is not a back-of-the-house area? a. accounting department b. food and beverage service department c. housekeeping department d. maintenance department Which of the following hotel departments is not a front-of-the-house area? a. housekeeping department b. front office department c. hotel-operated gift shop d. food and beverage service department Which of the following reports would an executive housekeeper use to determine the number of check-out rooms that need to be cleaned? a. room status discrepancy report b. occupancy report c. sales booking report d. scheduled maintenance report







c. b. Which of the following maintenance activities is likely to be performed by the housekeeping staff? a. c. c. a sleeper. b. However. On February 1. a guest checks into room 233 and reserves the room for the next three nights. banquet staff. general manager. This situation indicates a problem in the area of: a. 23. a due out. performance standards. Room inspections over the past week show that the work of three room attendants has been inconsistent. 2 . executive housekeeper. 24. meeting the department’s performance standards. c. Area inventory lists can be used as a basis for developing: a. Housekeeping’s cleaning responsibilities are typically determined by the: a. d. 22. productivity standards. b. DNCO (did not check out). emergency maintenance b.Housekeeping Management Quiz 8. d. equipment repairs d. Final responsibility for the cleanliness and overall appearance of banquet and meeting rooms usually rests with the: a. inspection checklists. This situation is best described as: a. d. Before some of their assigned rooms could be declared vacant and ready for sale.M. general manager. a stayover. b. On February 2. the occupancy report from the front desk would list the status of room 233 as: a. scheduled maintenance c. b. d. 9. c. manager of operations. a late check-out. d. housekeeping staff. par levels of supplies. a late check-out. a sleeper. they had to return to the rooms to clean areas they missed earlier. 10. convention services staff. the front office lists the room as vacant and ready for sale. a room status discrepancy. rooms division director. Housekeeping’s physical check of rooms at 2 P. reveals that room 201 is occupied. routine maintenance Planning and Organizing the Housekeeping Department 21.

M. The most appropriate action for the executive housekeeper to take would be to: a. c. the hotel’s director of sales. Which of the following management functions best describes the work performed by an executive housekeeper in determining the number of employees needed to meet operational needs? 3 . bath soap 28.. The general manager and controller are now demanding housekeeping staff reductions. She needs an executive suite prepared as a show room. At 9:15 A. A par indicates the lowest number of purchase units that should be in stock at any given time. cleaning supplies b. finds that an important client will be at the hotel at 11 A. Trudy loses her composure. d. Supervisors should be well-informed about the limits of their authority. cut staff by 10% and maintain current performance standards through a comprehensive inspection program. Preparing the show room will put her staff six rooms behind schedule on a busy day when they are already shorthanded. Supervisors should have the authority and information necessary to guide the efforts of employees under their direction. A par is equal to one purchase unit. During the first three months on the job. 25. d. Each employee should have only one supervisor. A par is the standard number of items that must be on hand to support daily.Housekeeping Management Quiz b. 26. b. ironing boards d. yells at the room attendants. Employees should have the authority and responsibility to make decisions affecting their work areas. Which of the following would not be considered part of non-recycled inventories maintained by the housekeeping department? a.M. b. From the point of view of Trudy. No one answers the phone in the housekeeping department. The Inn’s guest satisfaction ratings soared to an all-time high and guest complaints about housekeeping service all but disappeared. cut staff by 30% and increase productivity standards for the remaining room attendants. meeting the department’s productivity standards. Trudy Smith. d. routine housekeeping operations. and directs them to clean and prepare suite 801. the housekeeping supervisor. Which of the following statements is true? a. 29. to tour the property. b. guest amenities c. interrupts three room attendants cleaning check-out rooms. A par indicates the highest number of purchase units that should be in stock at any given time. which of the following management principles has been violated? a. c. c. redefine performance standards in light of more realistic productivity standards and reduce staff accordingly. the eighth-floor housekeeping supervisor. becomes very upset when she finds the room attendants in 801. Jane Wright. developing frequency schedules. departmental labor costs skyrocketed to 30% over budget. developing room pars. 27. c. refuse to cut staff and present a case for maintaining current performance standards to ensure increased occupancy in the future. the new executive housekeeper at the 300room Spotless Inn significantly raised the performance standards for guestroom cleaning. so she rushes to the eighth floor. and places an angry call to Jane Wright. d. However.

Which of the following is an example of a potential benefit to a lodging property that positively manages employment diversity? a. laundromats. Design schedules that allow employees to take alternating weekends off. She learned several things including that many of the people who left were frustrated about always having to work weekends and not knowing what their schedule would be until the day before they worked. Contact government agencies through phone calls. increased recruitment and training costs 32. personal visits. and faxing of hotel job openings. and disciplining housekeeping employees? a. directing d. b. What is the first step in the pre-recruitment process? a. Some of this was due to the fluctuating occupancy that the property experiences because of the high rate of walk-in guests. defining job requirements b. c. coordinating Housekeeping Human Resource Issues 31. If an interviewer decides not to plan any questions in advance and directs the interview in whatever direction seems appropriate at the time. access to first-hand information about potential target markets c. access to information about competitors d. What type of recruiting is taking place when an organization posts a position and employees sign a list indicating that they are interested in applying for it? a. c. b. d. 33. determining where to recruit c. evaluating recruiting methods 34. evaluating b. what kind of interview is he or she conducting? 4 . Telerecruiting 35. Offer a better benefits package. What is something that Johanna could do to address these problems and increase retention rates? a. training. and churches. Employee referral programs c. she discovered that the housekeeping department has been experiencing a low rate of retention. selecting recruitment strategies d. staffing c. She interviewed several of her current room attendants asking them about the reasons behind the turnover.Housekeeping Management Quiz a. Johanna was recently hired as the executive housekeeper of the 500-room Sun Resort Hotel. guaranteed increases in revenue and profit b. motivating. Which of the following management functions best describes the work performed by an executive housekeeper in supervising. Recruit for employees through help wanted notices in grocery stores. d. coordinating staffing directing controlling 30. After reviewing personnel records. Job bidding d. External recruiting b.

shared staff positions d.Housekeeping Management Quiz a. What three words best describe you? 37. compressed staff positions b. What are the early morning priorities for a guest service representative? b. prepare to train. prepare to train. guestroom alarm clocks 42. practice. c. How do you operate as a team player? c. In what ways do you expect your next job to differ from your present or last job? d. present the training. performance appraisal c. cleaning supplies d. d. present the training. recreating job descriptions 38. c. d. follow up. follow up. Which of the following focuses on an employee's job performance and outlines steps the employee can take to improve job skills and performance? a. referral program d. job analysis b. prepare to train. establishing systematic cross-training c. uniforms c. fixed staff positions 40. What is an example of a rapport-building interview question? a. practice. practice. practice. follow up. Which of the following is the correct sequence of the four-step training method? a. 39. present the training. follow up. b. Positions that are usually scheduled to work regardless of the occupancy level of the hotel are called: a. One of the challenges that June Snow faced as the new executive housekeeper at the Sun and Fun Resort was to establish a formal training program that would raise the performance standards of the housekeeping department. b. prepare to train. conducting a job analysis d. incentive program Managing Inventories 41. linens b. Which of the following best describes June's actions? a. variable staff positions c. Her first step was to develop a job list and job breakdowns for room attendants. conducting a training needs assessment b. Which of the following items are part of a non-recycled inventory managed by the housekeeping department? a. unstructured situational behavioral description semi-structured 36. present the training. Which of the following statements about inventory management in housekeeping is true? 5 .

b. The general manager and department heads evaluated changes in purchasing practices. 46. emergency reserve stock. 43. the purchase of an additional par of linens to cover laundry in transit by the commercial laundry would offset any immediate cash savings. b. b. cash from payroll savings and the sale of the hotel’s current laundry equipment would not be worth the trouble of contracting out laundry services. the hotel’s laundry cycle. commercial laundry operations are too unreliable to service the needs of the hotel. stewards. and other kitchen personnel is typically lower than levels needed for employees from other hotel areas. A minimum quantity of inventoried items is the number of purchase units that are used up between the time that a supply order is placed and the time that the order is actually received. At the last management meeting. laying off the laundry staff would lower the morale of other employees. Usage rate is the primary factor to consider when establishing par levels for recycled inventories. Post a warning on all employee bulletin boards that anyone caught stealing linen will be prosecuted. Establish issuing procedures for linens based on occupancy forecasts from the sales department. Several managers questioned the value of continuing the hotel’s on-premises laundry and suggested outsourcing laundry needs to a local commercial laundry operation. Which of the following would be the most cost-effective practice by which Susan could tighten the inventory control of linens? a. The term “par” refers to the standard number of inventoried items that must be on hand to support daily. b. staffing levels. 45. cost control and cash management were the central topics. 44. Executive housekeepers should take a physical inventory count of uniforms once a year. Recently completed renovations at the 450-room Glitz Hotel increased debt payments and significantly strained the short-term cash resources of the hotel. and other areas in which changes could immediately cut the cost of doing business.Housekeeping Management Quiz a. d. The most important factor to consider when establishing linen pars is: a. c. More uniforms need to be inventoried when they are laundered daily than when they are laundered weekly. monthly linen losses. Establish floor pars and issue linens on a daily basis only in amounts needed to bring each floor linen closet up to its par level. b. the executive housekeeper. Susan. 47. d. the management team decided that outsourcing the laundry operation would not help the current situation because: a. The number and kinds of replacement uniforms needed can be determined by comparing on-hand quantities to the par levels set for each type of uniform. This change would immediately reduce payroll and provide extra cash for debt payments. c. d. Which of the following statements about inventorying employee uniforms is true? a. Safety stock consists of those items with a long shelf life. Take a physical inventory of all linens in use and in storage on a weekly basis. linen usage rates. Linen loss at the 500-room Walk Away Hotel has reached an all-time high. The inventory level of uniforms for chefs. After a brief discussion. routine housekeeping operations. c. Which of the following is a guest loan item typically inventoried by the housekeeping department? 6 . d. c. readily admits that inventory control procedures have been neglected. c. d.

what should be the maximum quantity of soap inventoried by housekeeping at any given time? a.Housekeeping Management Quiz a. The on-hand quantity of a cleaning supply item should never fall below the maximum quantity established for that item. cannot be determined Environmental and Energy Management 11. Purchase units are counted in terms of normal shipping containers such as cases. b. b. If dayto-day housekeeping operations uses 1 case of soap every 5 days and if soap is ordered every 30 days. c. 10 cases d. guest service 14. Par levels for cleaning supply items are closely tied to the rates at which they are consumed in day-to-day housekeeping operations. Inventory counts of cleaning supplies are made in terms of purchase units. 50. to boil foods in the kitchen 7 . human resource d. pens and stationery cribs bath soap blankets 48. Which of the following is an aspect of the triple bottom line that can be enhanced by environmentally sound policies in a hotel? a. Which of the following inventory records should provide Anna with the necessary detail to prepare housekeeping’s capital budget request? a. the minimum quantity of guestroom soap is 4 cases. She knows that many of these vacuums are past their useful life. issuing logs b. completed physical inventory forms d. repair logs and inventory cards c. Which of the following is a way that an executive housekeeper can make his or her purchasing process "green"? a. 5 cases b. Anna. c. At the Guest First Hotel. the executive housekeeper at the 600-room Flower Plaza Hotel. d. b. c. Look for linens with low thread counts. or drums. Purchase large quantities of products far in advance. 9 cases c. cartons. Purchase as many disposable products as possible. d. d. invoices from the manufacturers 49. How would a property be most likely to use effluent water as part of a water conservation program? a. 15. Use local suppliers. political c. She has been getting complaints from room attendants about guestroom vacuum cleaners. Which of the following statements about cleaning supply inventories in the housekeeping department is false? a. social b. is preparing a capital budget for machinery and equipment purchases.

c. • Each group will be given 30 minutes to discuss. • Go through the Pre-Recruitment Process for the position chosen by the group (must be different each group). c.Housekeeping Management Quiz b. recycle. a hotel that invites guests to bring their own towels from home 18. Use of a HEPA filter would most likely be part of what type of environmental management program in a hotel? a. waste management d. a food service outlet in a hotel that sends used napkins to housekeeping for use as cleaning rags d. • Just skip the second & the third step. water conservation c. energy efficiency b. 19. reuse. d. indoor air quality • Choose any position from housekeeping department (1 position only). b. Which of the following is an example of linen reuse program? a. The three R's of waste reduction are reduce. a property that invites guests to use their linens for more than one day when they stay over c. recalculate. and: a. remember. register. 8 . • Each group have to present their points to their classmates. d. for washing towels in the on-premises laundry as a way to avoid installing low-flow toilets to irrigate the property's lawn and landscaping 16. a hotel that donates its used linens to charity b.