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Folkbird A free pattern from Bettsi McComb of Tender Arts Studio & / Tender Arts Studio Suggestion _ F go] Folkbird Embroidery : BODY- CUT 2 for wing Soe Folkbird Tender Arts Studio GUSSET- CUT 1 |). Folkbird is a simple little bird that is open to lots of different interpretations, She is best \ made with felt. If you would like to try a woven fabric, you will need to add a seam allowance. The gusset becomes her underside and runs from the tip of her beak to the ip of her tail. You will notice that the pattern has a little dot on the top edge- that is a placement point if you would like to add a loop for hanging. She is an original design, but there are no restrictions to birds made from the pattern. You may sell the birds or give them away. The pattern itself is not to be sold. I hope you enjoy making Folkbird. I would love to see your finished birds. You can email digital photos to me at www.tenderarts