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here u go...finally! but i wud add children hospital lahore to the list as well...they have a very good system and a multidisciplinary approach. the rest is as under: ANNEX I


Special Schools Participants Allama Iqbal Special Education Centre (G.O.P) 45 B-II, Johar Town Lahore Ph:5868140-5116585 Contact person: Mrs. Asifa Mumtaz Amin Maktab Centre for Special Education & Training, 54 A, Block J Gulberg III Lahore Ph: 5850913 Contact person: Dr. Yasmeen American School for International Academics 1 H Gulberg III Lahore Ph: 5761476-5763793 Chaman Centre for Mentally Retarded Children Block 3, Sector D I, near Omar Chowk Township, Lahore Ph: 5121531 Contact person: Mrs. Najma Zia Child Guidance Centre 66 B, Ahmed Block Garden Town

Zarmeena Institute for Disadvantaged Children (Fountain House) 17. Ph: 5152353 Contact person: Mrs. Masood Iqra Special Education Centre 24 Chenab Block . Block B Township Lahore. Lahore Ph: 5728870-5891965 Contact person: Mrs. Noman Qureshi (0300. Johar Town Lahore. Qadir Bakhsh Darul Massarat 2 Near St. Sector 2. Shereen Fakuka School for Special Education 248 C Punjab Cooperative Housing Society Cantt. Lower Mall Lahore Ph: 7114778-7352805 Contact person: Mr. Paul’s Church Nawaz Sharif Colony Ferozepur Road Lahore Contact person: Miss Sheba Home Economics College Special Child Development Centre Main Boulevard Gulberg Lahore Ph: 5863982 Contact person: Dr.Lahore Ph: 5864431 Contact person: Dr.8448530) Darul Massarat 17 Waris Road Lahore Ph: 7579577-7577255 Contact person: Mrs. Mussarat Taimoor Helping Hands Training Institute for Special Children House 211. Ph: 5302677 Contact person: Dr. Rubina Iqbal Image Institute of Learning 8-A New Campus Road.

A Civic Centre Johar Town Lahore Ph: 5173735 . Huma Niazi Rising Sun School 11 A Main Boulevard Defence Housing Society Lahore Ph: 5734133 Contact person: Mrs. Safia Rahid Parvarish 119 P Gulberg II Lahore Ph: 5752784 Contact person: Mrs. Johar Town Lahore Ph: Contact person: Dr. Maleeha Ghafoor Multiple Disability Centre 45-B Block 2. Parween Tawwab Special Education Training Centre 43 M.A Johar Town Lahore Shadab Centre (Govt.Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Ph: 784075 Contact person: Mrs. Zarina Farrukh Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children House 45-B Block 2 M. PAF Base Lahore Cantt. Sameen Lahore Collegiate 2 Ferozepur Road Near Naz Clinic Lahore Ph: 7580083 and 7587438 Contact person: Mrs. Khalida Tarreen PAF Special Education Centre Qureshi Camp. of Punjab) . Ph: 9220188-6663211 Contact person: Mrs.5172665 Contact person: Mrs.

Sindh Medical College . Shagufta Samuel VTCDP (G. Abeeda Awais Technical Services Association (TSA) 23/2 Race Course Road (Aiwan-e-Tijarat) Lahore Ph:6305168 Contact persons: Miss Huma & Mrs.O.P) Special Education Complex 45 B-11 Johar Town Lahore Ph: 5301784 Contact person: Mrs. Zubaida Sayyed: The Thevenet Centre Convent of Jesus and Mary Lahore Ph: 6305921-6302157 Contact person: Ms.128 A Khyber Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore. Ph: 5863774 and 441048 Contact person: Dr. Shahbaz Akmal Chaman Centre for MR D-1 Block III Umer Chowk Township Lahore Tel: 5121531 Res: 5111083 Special Schools in Karachi ACELP Institute of Child Development 197/8 Rafique Shaheedi Road Opp. Saleem Mr.

4539166 Contact person: Ms. PECHS Karachi Ph: 4547770 Contact person: Dr. Saima Rasheed MA Ayesha Memorial Schools Spna 22 Block 7/8 KMCHS Near Hill Park Karachi Tel: 4541281 Balkhi Massarat Institute Balkhi Foundation DPC 1. Block 2 Karachi Administrative Society Near Baluch Colony Karachi Ph: 4544134 . Block 13 D-1 Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi Tel: 4983128 Association for Retarded Children 8 – A Block 1. Block 1. Clifton Karachi Ph: 5862880 Contact person: Ms.Karachi Ph: 5662458 Contact person: Mrs. 13 Block 9 Kehkashan. Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi . Block 6. Hassan Al-Umeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA) 92 H. Ruby Abbasi Aasra Special School A-214. Nusrat Awan Association for Retarded Children Danish Gah School St. Gulshan e Iqbal Opp Shaheen Public School Karachi Ph: 4818548 Contact person: Dr. Shaheen Autism Institute 91 C.

Shamsul Islam Khan Darul Khushnood 247 Staff Lines Fatima Jinnah Road Karachi Ph: 5660570 Contact person: Mr. Khayaban-e-Badar.h. DHA Karachi Ph: 4918574 Contact person: Mrs.Ph: 4991787 Contact person: Dr. Block A Row 2 n. Block 2. Wahid Jamal Institute of Behaviour Psychology AL 4. Alfred Yousuf Darul Sakoon 159 H. PECHS Karachi Ph: 4558797 Contact person: Sister Ruth Interline School for Special Children House A 1981. Habib Iqbal memorial Special Education Centre AS-1. Phase 7. Block 3 Kashmir Road.B Surjani Town . Zafar Iqbal Darul Massarat 1303 Ghaddafi Colony D-3 Saeedabad Baldia Town Karachi Ph: 4558797 Contact person: Mrs. Meter 3 Abul Hassan Isfahani Road Gulshane Iqbal Karachi Ph: 4918574 Contact person: Mr. Lane 14.s Near Aladin Park Gulshan e Iqbal Block 10 A Karachi Tel: 4960860 Islamic School for Deaf L 175 Sector 4.c.

Karachi Tel: 6912937 IBP School of Special Education AL 4. 33 B Doubel Road Block 2 ½ Korangi Karachi Tel: 5052911 Karachi Vocational Training Centre P 10 Commercial Avenue Phase 4 DHA Karachi Tel: 5882920 Manzil School for Special Children K-126. Inam Karachi School for the Deaf L S/11. 14th Lane Khayaban e Badar Phase VII DHA Karachi Tel: 5841713-5841714 Ida Rieau School for the Blind and Deaf Purani Numaish Nizami Road Karachi Tel: 7780808 Karachi Vocational Training Centre for MRC 10 Commercial Avenue Phase 4 DHA Karachi Ph: 5882920 Contact person: Mrs. Block 2 Off Khalid bin Walid Road PECHS Karachi Tel: 4558526 Mashal School for Hearing Impaired Children Gulshan e Hadeed Steel Town Karachi Markaz-e-Umeed APWA College Compound .

Phase II Extension DHA Karachi Ph: 5894316 Contact person: Mrs. Vinod Sky Special Children’s Educational Institute 22-A Sunset Street. Nida Haroon PAFWA Mishal School for Special Children P.A. Haque School for Slow Learners 194-A.Karimabad Karachi Ph: 674197 Contact person: Mr. 2189 Contact person: Mr. Block 5 Clifton Karachi Ph: 5875525 Contact person: Ms. R Block. Hussain Shaheed e Millat Special Education Centre ST 31 Block 15 Gulistan e Jauhar Karachi Tel: 4618197 . Jalali SCINOSA Day Home 2/1 ST. Naveed Spellbound School for Learning Disabilities (evening) D-62. Block 5 Clifton Karachi Ph: 5875525 Contact person: Mr. Imdad Siddqui Milestone School for Special Education D-62. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi Ph: 4963320 Contact person: Mr.F Faisal Base Sharae Faisal Karachi Ph: 9218326 ext. Block U North Nazimabad Karachi Ph: 6639565 Contact person: Mrs.

Sher Nawaz Naseem Gomal SECMRC (G.Rahatgah Franciscan Friary D 13/111 near Nauman Complex Gulshane Iqbal Karachi Ph: 4986187 Contact person: Dr.P) Sheikh Nasir House Tauseefabad Colony Durban Road Dera Ismail Khan Ph: 810257 . 31 Block 15 Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi Tel: 4618197 Karachi vocational and training institute no 021-5882920 Special Schools in other cities and towns Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children House 208 Near Qureshi Pump Supply Mansehra Road Abbotabad Army Special Education School Darbar Mahal Near One Unit Chowk Bahawalpur Ph: 8914125 Khwaja Fareed Special Education Centre 46-A Satellite Town Bahawalpur Ph: 80830-80885 Contact person: Mr. Arif Mehmood Govt. Institute of Physical an Mental Handicap Chitral Ph: 412911 Contact person: Mr.O. Younus Vocational Training Centre for Disabled Persons St.

O.R Colony Hyderabad Ph: 782839 Contact person: Mrs.O. Khalid Naeem Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children House No.P) A-38 G.Contact person: Mr. Abida Sheikh Al-Farabi Special Education Centre for Handicapped Children Opp. P-123 Khayaban Colony No. Gill Road Gujranwala Shah Latif SECMRC (G.O. Nori Hospital G-8/4 Islamabad Ibne Sina SECMRC (G. Ishrat Masood Fatima Jinnah Centre SECMRC (G.2.2 Faisalabad. Anwar Saeed Special Education Centre for MRC Gulzar e Ibrahim ST No.P) 8/4 Sector H Islamabad Ph: 435209 Contact person: Mrs. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Special Education Centre for MRC Gill Road Gujranwala Ph: 254168 Contact person: Ms.P) Sector H-8/4 Near Commerce College Islamabad Ph: 435116 – 435209 Contact person:Mrs Ishrat Mahmood National Institute of Special Education Near Rooh Afza Market G-7/2 Islamabad Shah Faisal Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children Sector H-9 Islamabad Care for Special Persons .O.

O. Hina Hussain Kehkashan Special Education Centre Zila Council Staff Colony Katchery Road Jhang Saddar Ph: 4091 Contact person: Mr.P) Qaiser Shah Sadiq House 336/1 Bagh Irum. Wadood Bahauddin Special Education Centre 1640 Galaxy Town Neel Kot Bosan road Multan Ph: 851356-820396 Contact person: Mr. of NWFP) Mohalla Jalalabad Mansehra Ph: 302695 Contact person: Mr. Aqeela Ashiq Special Education centre for Hearing Impaired Children Pundhrani House Zahirini Kasha P.O.House No.3 Jhehlum Ph: 624448 Contact person: Miss Farida Al-Qasim Institute for Mentally Retarded Children Mohalla Islampura Jehlum & Main Dina Road. P. 550. Street 120 Sector G 9/3 Islamabad Ph: 2250247 Contact persons: Mrs. Kausar Naseem Angels School of Special Education C/o Kashmir Law Chamber Machine Mohalla No.O. Mehtab Chandio . Mohammad Ilyas Khushal Khan Khattak SECMRC (G. Dina Ph: 623439-624583 Contact person: Mrs.Box 178 Mardan Ph: 72030 Contact person: Mr.Box 41 Khuzdar Centre for MR and Physically Disabled (Govt.

Kevin Haskins Sarhad School for Disabled (Govt. Zahida Begum Baluchistan Disabled Persons Complex for Special Education Brewery Road Quetta Ph: 9201176-9202384 Contact person: Mr. Colonel Mohammad Aslam Chambeli Institute for Mentally Retarded 20-B Satellite Town . Ph: 56132763 Contact person: Lt. Bosan Road Multan Special Eduation Centre for Physically Handicapped Children House 87-C Housing Scheme Nawabshah Mental Health Centre Mission Hospital Compound Dabgari Gardens Peshawar Ph: 211289 Contact person: Mr. Baloch Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children House 15.Shadab Training School for Mentally Retarded Children X Block satellite Town DEO Office Madni Chowk Multan Ph: 561861 Contact person: Mr. Club Road Officers Colony Rahim Yar Khan Army Special Education Academy 93 Margalla Road Rawalpindi Cantt. of NWFP) Near Ladies Club Park Road University Town Peshawar Ph: 240413 Contact person: Mrs. Ghazanfar Ali Special Education Centre for MRC 3 Neel Kot.

V Booster Shaheed Colony Sibbi Ph: 412294 Contact person: Mr. Khuda Baksh Magsi . Model town Sialkot Ph: 550843-589210 Contact person: Mr. Model Town Muradia Road Sialkot Bolan SECMRC Street 6 Near T.Rawalpindi Ph: 650201 Contact person: Mrs. of Punjab) Y Block satellite Town Sargodha Ph: 215772 Contact person: Mr.O. Block Y Tariq bin Zaid Colony Sahiwal Ph: 65201 Contact person: Mr. Nuzhat Jalil Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children House E-115. Satellite town Rawalpindi Al-Sahi Special Education Centre Street 2. Tanveer New Horizon Special Education Centre for MRC P. Box 2779 GPO Sialkot Ph: 552011 Contact person: Mr. Aleem Special Education Centre for Visually Handicapped Children House # 3. Shuja Shaheen Special Education Centre Pafwa Airforce Base Sargodha Ph: 720050-5553123 Contact person: Base Commander The Light Rehabiliation Centre for Mentally Handicapped Children 171 Maradia Road. Hanif Shadab Training School for Mentally Retarded Children (Govt.

O. Lahore. Khurshid Iqbal A. behing Choueifat School and near Doctors Hospital. Ph: 535005 Contact person: Mrs.Fountain House Farm Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre Farooqabad Distt. My daughter is also boarderline Autistic and my aim is to provide the best facilities to the challenged children where every child is provided treatment for his or her unique needs. my adress and contact info: Mrs Nadeem Khawaja 441 G/1 Johar Town. Sheikhupura Ph: 2941 Contact person: Mrs. I am programme coordinator at Child Guidance Center LHR and I would like to update all that our institute has been shifted to a new building since few months and is handed over to Dr. I would like to share the new contact details with all to be in contact.Naumana Amjad now. The new contact details are as followings: 63 D Ahmad block New Garden Town LHR Tel: 042-35913163 Regards . 04235310777/03349869184 Hi. Ghazal Kaleem Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children House 12-A Muslim Housing Society Sukkur Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children Bagh Muhalla Mingora Swat Nasheman School for Mentally Retarded Nashmena Centre for Rehabilitation of Handicapped The Mall Wah Cantt.A My name is Mrs Nadeem and i have started an Exclusive school for mentally challenged children.