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Prevention Diet

Prevention Diet

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Cancer prevention diet plan - what all to avoid, etc.
Cancer prevention diet plan - what all to avoid, etc.

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Published by: Shoshannah on Dec 14, 2007
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Nutrition Rules to Prevent Cancer and Degenerative Diseases

DON'T: DO: 1. Don't eat processed foods containing sugar and 1. Eat organic, natural foods, and eat vegetables, sprouts, white flour, because they are nutritionally void. and fruits raw over half of the time. Local sources are 2. Don't eat foods containing chemical preservatives, freshest. dyes, artificial colors, etc. 2. Eat only foods that will spoil, and eat them before they 3. Don't eat "foodless" snacks. Plan for proper do. balance.) 3. See that 30% of your calories are proteins, 30% oils and fats (unprocessed saturated and monosaturated), and 4. Don’t eat commercial animal foods, which are 50% unrefined carbohydrates. loaded with proven carcinogens and toxic 4. If you eat meat, use organic, naturally raised meat, hormones. Eat animal food raised using organic including fish, seafood, poultry, beef, and lamb. and humane farming operations. 5. Eat eggs from free-range hens with access to green 5. Don't eat sprayed, fumigated, dyed, waxed, or grass. Eggs are best if fertile. irradiated fruits and vegetables. 6. Eat whole grains. Buy a flour mill and make your own 6. Avoid canned fruits and vegetables in favor of fresh flour for your baking. or fresh frozen, because vital nutrients are lost in 7. For the shortening in baked goods, substitute virgin the canning process. coconut oil or organic dairy butter. 7. Don't eat eggs produced by hens that have been 8. For sauteing, use virgin coconut oil. Use flax oil or inhumanely raised in small cages, force-fattened, virgin olive oil for salads. and treated with chemicals and antibiotics. 9. Eat only fresh, non-rancid foods. Rancidity can be 8. Don't use heat-treated oils with preservatives, or detected by its characteristic odor. hydrogenated shortenings such as margarine. 10. Use organic daily products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, 9. Avoid fried foods, as most fatty acids break down at and ice cream, and these from raw milk whenever high temperatures. available. 10. Avoid rancid seeds, nuts, grains, and foods cooked 11. Drink spring water and natural unsweetened juices in rancid fats, as they contain carcinogens. instead of other beverages. Juice raw vegetables using a 11. Don't drink processed milk such as pasteurized, juicer. homogenized, dried, or canned, and don’t eat 12. Less risk of cancer is associated with a varied, diverse pasteurized milk products which contain artificial menu of beverages, so rotate between organic teas, flavorings, sweeteners, etc. coffees, and coffee substitutes, and keep alcohol intake 12. Don't drink soft drinks, especially diet soft drinks below 1 drink a day of red wine. containing aspartame, a dangerous neurotoxin. 13. Drink only natural organic red wine made from Avoid stimulating drinks that exhaust the adrenals unsprayed grapes fermented with the skins without the and pancreas. presence of sulfites and refining agents. Drink no more 13. Don't drink commercial tea or coffee. Don't drink than 1 glass of wine a day. dark-roasted coffee, as it has more carcinogens. 14. Drink no more than 2 cups of organically grown coffee 14. Don't drink distilled liquor or wine, as this process a day (light-roasted, water-processed decaf is best). separates the alcohol from the minerals, vitamins, 15. Shop in a health food store, and wisely in a antibiotics, and other important therapeutic agents.) supermarket. Be a label detective. 15. Don't eat junk foods.

The Prevention Diet

General Instructions
1. Cook only in stainless steel, Corningware, enamelware, or glass. Don't use aluminum. 2. Drink plenty of well water, filtered water, or spring water. Frequently use moist cooking methods such as soups and stews. 3. Use natural sea salt freely, but avoid hidden salts in processed foods. 4. Use a variety of herbs and spices in cooking, such as thyme, rosemary, sage, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Learn the medical energetics of these for your own kitchen. 5. Don't forget the importance of taking supplements, minimizing stress, thinking positive thoughts, and getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and natural, fullspectrum light.

"All Foods Should Be Health Foods"

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Adapted from the Cancer Control Society Los Angeles, CA

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