Institute of Infrastructure Services

System Protection and Monitoring
STAFF April 11 to 15, 2011

Coordinator: Prof. Jorry M. Mwenechanya, Director Institute of Infrastructure Services jorry@zamnet.zm Lecturers: 1. Professor P. Crossley, School of Engineering, University of Manchester, UK 2. Professor V. Terzija, School of Engineering, University of Manchester, UK 3. Dr J. Mutale, School of Engineering, University of Manchester, UK., Member of IIS. Brief CVs of Instructors

Professor Peter A. Crossley joined the University of Manchester as Professor of Power Systems in 2006, and became Director of the Joule Centre for Energy Research in 2008,. The Centre aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research and development in the energy sector and to increase regional R&D capacity in the disciplines and skills required for a sustainable energy future. He was previously Professor of Electrical Engineering at Queen’s University. Professor Crossley’s industrial and academic career relates to the control of electrical power systems, the Prof. Peter A. Crossley impact of distributed/intermitted generators on electrical networks and the design and use of renewable energy systems and smart grids. Professor Crossley is the author of two books, 75 Journal papers and 150 International Conference papers. In addition he is a visiting Professor at Shandong University, Convenor of CIGRE Working Group on Management of Relay Settings, a Member of the Greater Manchester Energy Advisory Group and an advisor to Electricity North West on Smart Grids. In the recent past, Professor Crossley was Chair of the IET Developments in Power System Protection Conference, Vice-Chair & Chair of IEEE Power Engineering UK, Technical Chairman of NPTC Power System Protection Conference and keynote speaker at numerous conferences and symposiums. Professor Crossley holds a PhD degree in power system protection from Cambridge University and began his career as Project Engineer and Research Manager for GEC Alstom.

Dr Joseph Mutale held several senior executive positions in the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation before taking up his current post of Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at the University of Manchester, UK. He has undertaken several projects funded by the European Commission, the UK’s Centre for Distributed Generation and Sustainable Energy and the Energy Research Centre. He has also Dr Joseph Mutale previously served on the Power Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa and is a member of the CIGRE International Working Group on Rural Electrification. Dr Mutale obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Zambia and MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Manchester, UK

power system protection and distribution automation. Germany. utilities and government officials in Africa. Vladimir Terzija methods for power system monitoring. control. Senior Member of the IEEE. as an expert on switchgear. Professor Terzija worked for six years with ABB. Mwenechanya directs the Institute of Infrastructure Services whose purpose is to develop and enhance technical and management capacity for energy and water in African countries. as well as switchgear and DSP applications in power systems. Prof Terzija has published over 190 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and in proceedings of international conferences. and Member of the IET and Cigré. He is also PI on two large EPSRC funded projects. His main research interests are in the application of intelligent Prof. Prof. He is the convenor of the Cigré Working Group on “Wide Area Protection and Control Technologies” and a contributing member of several IEEE working groups. Prof Terzija is Humboldt Research Fellow. . Professor Jorry M. He is currently principal investigator (PI) on a several industry-funded projects related to the development of Future Wide Area Monitoring. which explore concepts of future smart grid and flexible networks. In his current research team he has 5 MSc project students. Protection and Control System in the Great Britain and Ireland Network. Jorry M. and protection. He has also worked on commissions by the World Bank. For many years he has executed energy consultancy assignments for the Zambian Government. U. regulatory bodies and bilateral development agencies. is currently a non-Executive Director of Zesco Limited and Mwenechanya the Zambian Energy Corporation. and also an active member of the North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI). Professor Mwenechanya. Founded in 2005. 10 PhD students and 2 Postdoctoral Research Associates. Professor Mwenechanya holds a PhD from the University of Manchester in electrical drive systems and was previously Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Zambia where he also served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Before joining the University of Manchester.Prof Vladimir Terzija is the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) Chair Professor in Power Systems Engineering in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Manchester. in July 2006. formerly the Chairman of the Energy Regulation Board of Zambia.K. the Southern African Development Community. the Institute has previously conducted courses in utility regulation and price reviews for regulators. the United Nations Development Program and the Millennium Challenge Corporation of the USA.

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