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Enterprise IPv6 Design

Enterprise IPv6 Design

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Published by: lalakas on Apr 21, 2012
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ISATAP Host Considerations

§ISATAP is available on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vista/Server
2008, port for Linux
§If Windows host does not detect IPv6 capabilities on the physical
interface then an effort to use ISATAP is started
§Can learn of ISATAP routers via DNS “A” record lookup “isatap” or
via static configuration

If DNS is used then Host/Subnet mapping to certain tunnels cannot be
accomplished due to the lack of naming flexibility in ISATAP

Two or more ISATAP routers can be added to DNS and ISATAP will determine
which one to use and also fail to the other one upon failure of first entry

If DNS zoning is used within the enterprise then ISATAP entries for different
routers can be used in each zone

§In the presented design the static configuration option is used to
ensure each host is associated with the correct ISATAP tunnel
§Can conditionally set the ISATAP router per host based on subnet,
userid, department and possibly other parameters such as role

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