General Aims and skills Objectives of teaching English as a foreign language in the primary * :cycle The objectives of teaching

English in the primary cycle intended to familiarize the pupils with the language ( oral and in writing ) in a stress free and unloaded atmosphere to prepare them for more demanding tasks in the .subsequent stages Below in the general statement of the performance objectives of teaching English as a foreign language in grades one , two, three, four , five and six .on the primary cycle in term .Language skills for convenience :Aims * :The aims in the early grades are To assure that learning English is easy while developing a child's -1 .enthusiasm and the desire to learn a new language To develop positive learning habits such as turn talking , organizational -2 .skills and co-operative learning To enlarge children's horizons so that they become familiar with different -3 .cultures while developing and understanding of their own To experience language awareness in terms of how English works and -4 .differs from Arabic To enable children to communicate simply but effectively through the -5 .development of oral proficiency in English .To lay solid foundations for the development of literacy skills in English -6

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