Costume and Make-up List Reference and time 1 0:03 - 0:06 Item Black sparkly heeled boots and ripped black

tights with bow on bottom Nail varnish, slightly chipped Eye make-up, which has been slept in, therefore is smeared. Thick eye makeup Black leather, grey vest, with black cross on front, dark blue jeans, black shoes. Ear piercing (scaffolding) Character Marnie Location Bedroom

2 0:10 - 0:13 3 0:14 - 0:22

“ “

Bedroom Bedroom

4 0:29 - 0:34 5 0:35 - 2:10

“ “

Bedroom Throughout intro

6 0:39 – 0:45


1. Shows the she is wearing shoes from the night before, suggests that she parties a lot, she rebels against her mother by staying out late with friends, she gets the wanted attention from her mother by misbehaving, as it is the only way her mother shows any emotion to her. 2. Marnie’s nail varnish shows, as the mascara does that she can afford the luxuries, however the state of her nails (chipped) this shows that she doesn’t take care of them, and her therefore careless attitude, which could relate back to life in general. 3. Her smeared eye make-up from the night before also supports the idea that she has a careless attitude, as most people would remove their makeup and shoes before sleeping (unless they were still under the influence in some cases). It also suggests (along with the fact that she still has her shoes on) that she collapsed into her bed after a hectic night out. 4. Her thick eye make-up is her way of hiding from the world, because under all of that eyeliner, and fake-eyelashes her eyes show how emotionally disturbed she is. 5. Her whole outfit is quite dark, this reflects her personality, the cross on her vest top is ironic, and shows her dark sense of humour, suggesting that she has learnt to laugh at her cynical take on the world. 6. She has her ear pierced in two places, this shows her rebellious attitude, and she got her ear pierced to annoy her mother, as she does with her partying.

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