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MAKING A GOOD SCRIPT GREAT, by Linda Seger HOW TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY IN 21 DAYS, by Viki King ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE, by William Goldman Any produced screenplays If you cannot find a screenplay, the following are websites to go to that will enable you to read screenplays that are recommended in class.

Add scenes that are needed. Studio and Network development deals. and curses – revising begins. Week 10: "And That's That" Open forum LECTURE: Agents. (You should reach the middle of your screenplay for the first time at the end of this assignment. couplets. Cuts.5 LECTURE: Midpoint: looks like our hero will achieve his goal -. Networking Spec screenplays and television scripts. Eliminate any unnecessary scenes that don’t push the story forward. ASSIGNMENT: Look over the first half of you screenplay Rewrite the most problematic section. Other classes. Get into every character’s head. by Syd Field .NOT! ASSIGNMENT: Write 10 more pages of your screenplay to complete first half of Act II. Writers write! ASSIGNMENT: Have fun! RECOMMENDED READING: THE WRITER'S WORKSHOP. Writers Guild of America . Promoting your movie/The art of pitching.contracts.) Week 9: "Make Me A Screenplay I Can't Refuse" Read assignments LECTURE: The words-on-paper draft and what to do about it. Is there enough story? Evaluate the purpose of each scene.

Do we care what happens? Maintaining conflict. Subplots and supporting characters ASSIGNMENT: Write 10 more pages of your screenplay for first 10 pages of Act II. Week 6: "You Asked For It" Read assignments.4 Read assignments Evaluations LECTURE: Making the action plausible. Week 7: "Ever Since I Can Remember I Always wanted To Be A Screenwriter" Read assignments. ASSIGNMENT: Write 10 more pages of your screenplay to complete Act 1. LECTURE: Raising the stakes or conflict for your main character Pushing the story forward. setups and pay-offs. LECTURE: Placing your protagonist into a new direction. handling minor but memorable characters. Examining your story for time. Obstacles. Creating surprise yet still making sense. How is your main character evolving from original concept? ASSIGNMENT: Write 10 more pages of your screenplay for second 10 pages of Act II. Week 8: "Fagheddaboutit" Read assignments . Making the “world” consistent. building subplots. twists and emotions.

The "Pinch" ASSIGNMENT: Write 10 more pages of your screenplay to your next turning point. What you must know about every character at the beginning of each scene. Week 5: "I'm Dyin' Over Here!" . WEEK 3: "This Is So Inciting!" Reading Opening scenes LECTURE: What is a scene? Scene construction: Entering late and leaving early. "Pinch". What kind of dialogue to avoid." WEEK 4: "You Talkin' To Me?" Read assignments Dialogue: The Next Frontier LECTURE: What is good dialogue? How do you get it? Visual storytelling versus dialogue. Bring in enough copies to distribute to classmates. What is the subject and purpose of the scene? Importance of the Inciting Incident Elements of an Inciting Incident How to develop an Inciting Incident for your screenplay ASSIGNMENT: Write 7 more pages of your screenplay including the "Inciting Incident.3 Format for writing your screenplay: Format Dialogue Descriptions The use of camera directions ASSIGNMENT: Write first 3 pages of your screenplay.

and your existing outline to class. The point system is as follows: 100-90 = A. I am nothing. instructor and students Classroom critiques: how to give and take criticisms Evaluations handout LECTURE: The theme of your movie/the message that you want to tell. The opening inciting The inciting incident.without you. Who’s your audience? Genre.2 This is an interactive class -. ASSIGNMENT: If necessary. Main story told through protagonist’s POV/What do they want? The three-act structure/ how and why most screenplays are divided into acts. 60-0 =F WEEK 1: "Whaddaya Got?" Instructor & students introductions Review course syllabus and assignments Review course expectation. 69-60=D. Miss a class. lose 3 points. if you hand it in. the character bio. Prepare the "Elevator" pitch WEEK 2: "Let's Write The Damn Thing!" Handout: screenplay format Things to know about your story before you begin LECTURE: Where you want to go before you begin your journey. Half of your screenplay = 20 Points The first half of your completed screenplay will earn you 20 points once you give it to me. style and tone. it's worth 5 points. bio. The story outline/beat sheet/ treatment. miss half a class. and outline Bring the premise. you will lose half your points. Each class is worth 3 points. page 10 First question to answer/setup to page 3 . ON TIME. Punctuality counts as well. Elevator pitch. 89-80=B. revise premise. Assignments (50 points) Each week (other than the last week) there will be a written assignment. 79-70=C.

Students will bring in their writing assignments and receive feedback from their classmates as well as the instructor. get one. You’ll be glad you did. 12 point.12/16/2009 Instructor: Tony Vitale Writer's Program: 310-206-2612 COURSE: This screenwriting course will concentrate on turning the student’s already completed outline into the first 50-60 pages of a screenplay. definitive turning points. including solidifying your idea. enhanced conflicts. creating clear Act breaks. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES:  To polish your treatment  To familiarize students with the process of creating a screenplay  To write enough scenes for the first half of your screenplay ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments must be typed in professional WGA format: Courier-font. 2009 Reg#: V2785 Course: X 430B INTRODUCTION TO SCREENWRITING II: Works In Progress Wednesday 7:00 PM . and to arrive at appropriate mid-point of your screenplay. Students will have the opportunity to exercise all the aspects of screenwriting during the 10-week course. appropriate margins.10:00 PM 10/7/2009 . proper formatting. GRADING: Attendance and Participation = 30 Points Weekly Writing Assignments = 50 Points First half of screenplay = 20 Points = 100 Points Attendance (30 points) . Weekly discussions will include past and present films as well as the business of screenwriting.1 Department of The Arts UCLA Extension Writer's Program Fall. The WGA lists various screenwriting programs: If you don’t have a screenwriting program. You may find it helpful to use a screenwriting program such as Final Draft.

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