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Ashish Garg, Director & Head of Recruitment, Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Garg will join the chat at 3:00. In the meanwhile, you can send your questions related to the topic First Job: Transition from College to Corporate. Kindly note your questions will be moderated and sent to the celebrity to answer. Questions already answered by the Celebrity will not be entertained. Mr. Ashish : Dear Friends, I am delighted to be part of this session today. I welcome you to this session and I look forward to your questions. I hope that this interaction will be fruitful for you to make the right career choice as you transition to your first job. Anuj Hi Mr. Garg, I am a fresher and like to know what skill set is needed to fare well in the corporate world? Mr. Ashish : Anuj, thank you for asking this quite relevant a question. As a fresher it is very essential to know your career interests and aspirations before you embark on a job hunt. You need to develop and harness your skills (soft skills and domain knowledge) as per your area of interest. Having said that you need to be open to new learning, have the right attitude, understanding of the business and passion to succeed in what you want to do. Tanuj: Should a fresher compromise on the job role (offered in the first job) and take up any job that a big brand offers or should he/she negotiate or let go job opportunities till the right one strikes? Mr. Ashish : Tanuj, it is very important for everyone to pick a job where they fit. Align your job to your skills, interests, and aspirations. Set yourself to succeed from the get go by choosing a career that matches your aspirations. You will only succeed if you make the right career moves, right from the start. Rashmi:Could you please mention few challenges that today's freshers face in the corporate world. Mr. Ashish : Rashmi, this is a very interesting question. People generally struggle to adapt to the corporate culture when they move from a hip college culture. At times, people take up jobs which come to them without proper thought and alignment to their aspirations. Managing expectations, being accountable, working in a team, following the vision of the organization and understanding the manager's perspective are key things that first timers should keep in mind. Vivek: Could you please suggest few general interview tips & mannerism to help me crack my first job interview? Mr. Ashish : Vivek, the first thing I will say is BE YOURSELF :) Do not try to be someone you're not. From an interview skills perspective, you should maintain eye contact, listen attentively, be prepared to talk through what is in your resume, highlight your key achievements, show positive body language, and be open. If you don't know the answer to a particular question, be honest and admit that you don't know, instead of trying to answer. Idiosyncrasies such as biting nails, fidgeting and other nervous habits are best avoided. Finally, do your homework; learn about the company over the internet or other reliable sources. Disha: On the onset of one's career, what should be given more importance - salary, brand name or job role? Also tell why? Mr. Ashish : Disha, while all three are important considerations to look at while deciding one's career, your job role will determine your ultimate success. At the onset of your career, what you learn on your job will enhance your skillset and position you for success in any role or organization you choose to be part of. Once you're on track with building your skillset, brands and good salaries will follow. Debajit: How important is English in securing a good job in a big brand? What if a candidate is good at his/her role but not versed with English language, will companies still consider him/her for their job positions? Mr. Ashish : Debajit, English is a language of choice at most organizations today. While some job roles may not require you to have excellent English, as you move up higher in the organization, your ability to communicate well to your stakeholders will determine your success. Gagan: Please suggest the characteristics of next gen workplace. Do you find any possibility of traditional organisations embracing new age work culture in coming future? Mr. Ashish : : Gagan, there is no question about this. I believe that every organization needs to adapt to the changing culture and the expectations of the Gen X and Y employees. We all are experiencing it even now. With more globalization, multinationals coming to India, and diversified work environments, the new age work culture is already here. The key characteristics of today/tomorrow's workplace are the need for cross functional domain knowledge and openness to learning at all levels.

Karthik: One of the biggest obstacles freshers face these days is the lack of experience. Do you think it's better for a fresher to join a small corporate firm to gain experience before heading on to apply with the MNCs and other big brands? Mr. Ashish : Karthik, Not Essentially. It is domain expertise, exposure and relevance to your education that matters. Let your decision not be based on the size of the organization but the kind of exposure it gives you to form a solid base for your career. Sanjhali: How important is corporate dressing in today's corporates? BPOs don't really adhere to formals, does that impact employees' productivity?

Please feel free to connect with me through my Facebook or Linked In page. understanding of the business. Looking Good makes you feel good. Hope the session was useful for you. Telecom & Financial Services.Realistic Expectations and Aspirations.Multiple opportunities are available in the BPO Industry across functions like Customer Service. Finance and across verticals like IT. How does an employer facilitate this? Mr. Geetika:In today's competitive world. Franz: As an employer. I also encourage you to explore great career opportunities available at Convergys India. We apologize that due to time constraint. Unlike a lot of other industries. Ashish : Geetika . I answered this question in the beginning. provide training and set our new employees for success. Develop and harness skills as per your area of career interest.There isn't quite a term called "Corporate dressing". Ashish : Viraat. Mr. very bullish and optimistic. soon on the site. Garg could not answer all questions. BPO's base hiring decisions on merit and not certificates. Rati: What job opportunities are available for freshers in BPO industry? Mr. what is the thing that a fresher has to keep in mind in order to get his/her first job? Mr.Mr. real experiences are what build the fresher into a candidate who can contribute to the organisation and take the organisation culture forward. all employers understand the importance of new hire orientation and effective onboarding in today's' world. Strong Understanding of the domain he/she wishes to pursue and ability to communicate effectively are the keys to taking the first step. . Ashish : Franz. we also invest heavily in this direction. Be open to new learning. Every organization has its own dress code basis the culture and job requirements. While there is no direct impact on the employees' productivity. how would you help a fresher adapt to a work environment that is so different from life in a college campus? Induction programs are only a beginning and while they give freshers an idea about the organisation culture. Viraat: How do you see the recruitment scenario in 2012? Mr. At Convergys. Technical Support. please join us at facebook.Wishing you all a great career ahead! All the best! Moderator: Thanks everyone for taking out time to participate in the session. and passion to succeed in what you want to do. I personally feel it does have an impact on the person's mindset. Ashish : Sanjhali . Ashish : Divyanshu. The chat transcripts of the session will be made available for your future read. BPO's also base the decision as per the organization guidelines. Mr. As a fresher it is very essential to set your career goals first. To apply for a job with Convergys India. I am happy to have been able to answer your questions and to be able to share my experiential learning with all of you. Divyanshu:Please suggest few career growth tips to freshers to help them chart a successful career path. Hiring demand is looking very good across industries. Ashish : Thank you all for this highly engaging session. Human Resources. Ashish : Rati . have the right attitude.

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