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Published by: Debraj Patra on Apr 22, 2012
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Bianca, the free-spirited gypsy girl was running a little late that day.

Night had set in and the dipping mercury of November was pretty unsettling. Back from a trip to the woods,to feed squirrels,she suddenly heard the call of hyenas. Mr Sanyal belted an accurate and convincing hyena call.The human shadow sped up on the wall.” “Bianca was running for her life.Facing a pack at such hours meant nothing other than embracing death.In her frantic jolt ,she she bumped into someone, tripped and fell. Turning back,she saw a hooded figure descending upon her with glistening canines. Before any cry for help could be issued,she felt the pain of a pair of teeth piercing into her throat. Inspite of the dearth of moonlight she could make out the face. It was the count!! “ Sarthak was visibly bordering his threshold of fearlessness. The shadows in front of him assumed form of two human heads with the fang like teeth of one sinking into the other’s throat. “Please let me live!!”

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