Our FreshCast families of films are manufactured specifically for the fresh-cut produce packaging market.

FreshCast combines durability and machineabilty with high clarity in a film that is customized for optimal shelf life.

New Line – COEX BOPP films for Flow packing, top sealing or for packing trays. Available with macroperforation and anti-fog properties. Thanks to production site in the Czech Republic, short delivery times and constant quality are guaranteed.
FreshCast high clarity films are fully printable and are offered in translucent colors. They are delivered in custom-made roll-stock in virtually any width and thickness between 15 micron to 70 micron. Bags are also available in variety of sizes and shapes.
This films meets USA FDA Code of federal Regulations, Title 21 (1990) 177.1520 for food contact, and European Code EU Commission Directive 2002/72/CE or in the National regulation of the members states.

Polypropylene Film & Bags for Packaging

F A T R A - R . O . P. I N T E R N A T I O N A L , s . r . o . Kvitkovicka 1386, 78361 Napajedla, Czech Republic Te l : 4 2 0 - 5 7 - 7 11 0 9 1 9 F a x : 4 2 0 - 5 7 - 7 1 0 11 8 1 e-mail:daniel.pytela@fatra-rop.cz

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