Each group has one article to work on and to lead discussions on it in class on a day and time to be announced later. 2. Do both a prose of not more than three pages, plus a powerpoint presenation. 3. Put the two together as a package and submit to the instructor a week before the presentation. 4.The following guidelines are provided to help you in your reading of the article and the presentation: 1.Each presentation to last 30 minutes 2. Highlight the import of the article 3. Highlight the author's purposes 4. Note the key methodology and analysis method 5. Note the key findings/results 6. Note the key conclusions 7. Note the articles contribution to management theory 8. Note the articles contribution to management practice 9. Indicate what was interesting to you in this article 10. Any application of the insights to the students' organizations? 11. Note any limitations/ shortcomings of the article. The groups are to self-organize to get this task executed. Have a great day Wofa Yaw.

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