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Published by: Faizan Masood on Apr 22, 2012
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Add your company slogan



Template Add your company slogan www.wondershare.com .

wondershare.com .The main basic need was to let you people know that how to present … Effectively Properly and Successfully www.

Educate www.wondershare. Persuade 3.com .Three main purpose: 1. Inform 2.

❙ Plan ❙ Prepare ❙ Practice ❙ Present .

com .wondershare.Why Who What How When Where Plan Prepare Practice Presentation www.

wondershare.com .Educate Entertain Explain www.

wondershare.com .www.

Body Language Eye Contact. Gestures.wondershare. Posture Use of Space Can Everyone See You? Movement www.com .

nausea.Feared More Than Death! THE FACTS: Shaky hands.com . memory loss. blushing cheeks. and knocking knees www.wondershare.

com .www.wondershare.

com .wondershare.Admit Your Fear Examine Your Fear Ask: What am I afraid of? Overcome Your Fear BREATHE Visualize success www.

Knowing your audience helps you decide: What to say How to say it In what order to say it .

com . Focus on what is most important to the audience.Title: Short and ‘attention grabbing’ Introduction: [20% of time] Set the scene & state the main message Answer questions like "What does it do?" "What is it for?“ Body of presentation: [60% of time] Select small. Conclusion: [20% of time] A memorable summary!!! Re-state the main message. relevant parts Describe each part of your topic. www..wondershare.

wondershare.com .www.

com . friendly and confident Be clear but vary your voice Use a conversational tone-don’t try to be formal www.Be natural and relaxed Be enthusiastic.wondershare.

to provide the audience with an experience to remember.The aim of a presentation is not just to talk about a topic. show pictures or play an audio tape but……. www.wondershare.com .

Have the group make suggestions for improvement.wondershare.individually. . Rehearse the presentation with your group. www.com . .

Talks should be relaxed and move along well The audience should be involved Aids were well presented. You are an actor – dominate the space you are working in.com . www.wondershare.

wondershare.com .Hands in pockets Lip smacking Failure to be audience-centered Speaking too softly Speaking in a monotone Using “Umms” and “Uhhs” Wasting too much time on single slide www.

com .wondershare.Breathe Smile Water Notes Finish On Or Under Time www.

com .Do not ramble on during a presentation Remember: One Minute per Slide as Guideline www.wondershare.

Improves understanding Add variety And charm Illustrates complex ideas .


Titles should be 38-44 pt. font size Text should be 28 pt font size Use color wisely -Contrasting colors .

Use proper color combination.After visual another important aspect is your dressing. www.wondershare. Dress according to the venue. Dress to look descent not to look unique.com .

Concise description of results/conclusions End with the summary of results .

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