Epic heroes, like Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon, and Dumalapdap in Hinilawod of Panay, contain some distinguishable qualities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. power of the gods (power given by the gods); caring parents who are part of the royalty (or well known) weapons not of ordinary craft; journeying to a foreign land; success in most of monster encounters; loved by women (or has a great urge to pursue a woman); and certain weakness.

According to come accounts in Rizal‟s life, he also had these qualities that an epic hero may have. Rizal is said to be a gifted child because of his intellect and remarkable skills [parallel to 1]. His parents (and his whole family) were very well known people in Calamba because of their wealth and their family background [2]. He had a writing prowess and can do a lot of other things, like painting, speaking Latin and Spanish fluently, and the like, that cannot be done by other lads his age. His writing also became his weapon against the Spaniards in the midst of the revolution. Nothing can match the power of his words (or writings) [3]. In his lifetime, Rizal journeyed towards different places to study (Biñan, Manila, Spain) until when he was captured by the Spaniards (Dapitan, Bagumbayan) [4]. His rivals in school, and even after he left the university were no match to his individual abilities, making Rizal a winner in every possible way [5]. A lot of women were significant parts of Rizal‟s life for “he was a romantic dreamer who liked to sip „the nectar of love‟” (Zaide, 1992) [6]. However, Rizal was not that healthy even when he was a boy, and though knowledgeable in certain defense sports, is not really fit for physical combat. [7]. After further analysis, it can be said that Rizal is a kind of epic hero in his own way.

DISTRICT 3: On epic heroes and Rizal

DISTRICT 3: Best District!  Acda, Ranelle dP. B014 Aguila Kassandra Mae M. C016 de la Rosa, Marianne Michelle Q. C032 Dumandan, Nico G C033 Elepaño, Anton G.____ Pamintuan, Mary Angeline Z. C051 Quilloy, Fergie Ann A. C054 Zarraga, Nickol C.____ Baurile, Ladylove May B. D077 Dimayuga, Charmaine Ann A.____ Peralta, Wilfred Joseph E106 Ramos, Quincel E. E107 Reyes, Danica Elsie A. ___ Santos, Ma. Jennie Mae O. F149 Vivas, Justine Marco M. ___ Quiambao, Ralph Jordan C. I193

DISTRICT 3: On epic heroes and Rizal

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