• The company was registered in 2007 by MR. RAMNIK MOTA. • The company deals in textiles and garments retailing. • 22 retail outlets. • Suppliers. • The top 5 clients - Essar House, T.M.C, Hindustan Construction Company and Thane Janata Sahakari Bank.

Information systems comprise of: • Hardware • Software • Data • Applications • Communication • People

• An additional interface from . • It is helpful in managing all inventory and sales needs of a store.SHOPER(POS) • Shoper Point of Sale (POS) is a versatile software solution for retail businesses.

• Miscellaneous stock transaction recording. • Goods inwards recording and price tag generation. • Counter cash accounting.HIGHLIGHTS OF SHOPER(POS) • Billing. sales return. . cancellation of bills and exchanges.

NEED FOR SHOPER(POS) Earlier UDYOG was used for managing the systems. the problems faced were: • Manual data entry • DOS based program • Process of billing very slow • Possibility to tamper with the data • Complicated and time consuming process .

• Helps in understanding the product of maximum demand. not only of a particular year but many years. • Gives the trend of sales. • Secures the data from being tampered. • Gives a report the account receivables. • Helps in interpreting the loyal and bulk buyers. • Availability of stock as on the present date. profits and costs. • Gives bifurcation of sales into cash. .ADVANTAGES • Complete solution for retailing. credit and credit cards.

PROCESS • Create item master of new products and vendor catalogue for new suppliers. • Creation of purchase journals • Automatic updation of stock by recalling PT file • Creation of sales journals • Auto updation of stock after sales. • Automatic stock entry. • Creating of payments made/received .

Supplier .INPUT DOCUMENTS • • • • • • Purchase transaction file Stitching form Debit note and credit note Customer requirement form Bank settlement statements Tax invoice .










ADVANTAGES TO THE EMPLOYEES • Employees are well informed • Reduce the burden on employees • Saves time as manual entries are negligible • Sales improvement by setting achievable targets. • Understand the customer needs and their preferences. .

ADVANTAGES TO MANAGEMENT • Management is able to get relevant trends of the current business. • Easy and efficient decision making. • Cash flow management. • Easy accountability as it linked with Tally. • Increases efficiency in terms of productivity. • Optimum utilization of resources. .

ADVANTAGES TO CUSTOMERS   • Helps the customer to get what they want. • Easy re-order of goods. . thus the customers do not have to wait for long. • Quicker billing.

• Management the receivables. better stock management. • Facilitates less of return. . thus payment is made on time.ADVANTAGES TO SUPPLIERS   • Facilitates more orders for the suppliers • better management of stock.

EXECUTIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM • To facilitate and support the information • Supports decision-making needs of senior executives • Provides easy access to both internal and external information • Helps in meeting the strategic goals of the organization • The reports required for EIS are:  Sales and Purchase report  Cash flow management report .



which may be rapidly changing • Knowledge-based systems • Helps decision makers compile useful information • Helps to identify and solve problems and make decisions • The reports required are:  Accounts receivables report  Stock management report .DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS (DSS) • Serve the management. and planning levels of an organization • Help to make decisions. operations.



MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM • Documentation of activities that were planned and executed • Planned system of collecting. storing and disseminating data • Providing information in the form needed • Helps to carry out the functions of management • The reports required are:  Customer preference report  CRM report . processing.

 Help in reducing work pressure on the employees and also accounts department.MEASURES OF SUCCESS  The success of the project will be based on the below points being fulfilled:    Help in reducing the man power/headcount in the accounts department. .  Help in increasing sales. better customer satisfaction. as the report will be able to help better stock management.  Help in reducing prices of raw materials.

• Training at own office .TRAINING REQUIRED • Training at software developers office.

. • Linked with Measurement software – measurement to billing. • Shoper is a part of tally. The shoper generates a report which shows the sales made by each employee. Thus.LINK WITH OTHER SOFTWARES • Shoper is linked with excel. accounting becomes simpler and easier.

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