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introduction • Everyone wanted to fly like birds and enjoy the flying in the sky so man began to think how we can fly? • Leonado da vinci(1452-1519) • Giovani alphonso borelli(1680) the man did not have power output to lift himself and amachine • Jean francois (15th oct 1783)he made flight with a hot air balloon for 4 min 24 sec but he fly for 2hours in next two month by hydogen filled balloon • Otto lilienthal (1848-1896) first time flight by glider but he has no control system and die due to staled and crash to the ground • Wilbur (1867-1912)and orvile (1871-1948)wright-these were the two brothers first time made a successful mechanical flight on 17 dec 1903. .

Principle of flying • • • • • Force acting on an aeroplaneLift force Drag force Gravity Thrust .



Control of flying • There are three axis of rotation which control the flying • Longitudinal axis • Lateral axis • Vertical axis .


Longitudinal axis .

Lateral axis .

Vertical axis .

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